Tabs! Tabs! Tabs!

Keep all of your information organized with colorful very useful index tabs!

Proven to be more affordable that you would expect, ordering custom mylar tabs are built to last and priced to fit your budget! We have many different stocks that you can custom order your tabs, but the most popular is a durable 90lb stock. We have a mylar that is available in many colors that can be selected to protect the tab for long use protection. These tabs can also be ordered with a reinforced edge that will protect the holes from tearing.  The tabs can also be ordered in many different sizes, or known as counts to a bank, and will fit all standard and small two, three or special ring binders.  The copy on the tab can be full face of the sheet, or simple wording on the tab, going up, down - pretty much any way you desire.  

Each tab order is created custom so planning ahead is key for success.





The easiest and most simple tab option is using "pre-cut" white index tabs that are in a bank of 5.  We keep these in stock. We can imprint onto the tab, front and back, and insert into your manual as needed! Our machines will automatically do this, saving everyone time and mis-collation mistakes.  





Great communication, friendly staff and I enjoy working with them. Their prices are great and I like the end result.

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