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Getting your message to the masses used to be the best way to use Direct Mail. Now, with the help of technological advances, specific targeted personalization can be done with ease, saving you time and money!

There are many types of direct mail services, (see our direct mail section) and types of pieces you can mail, from catalogs, postcards, newsletters, letters, flyers, to coupons — the list is endless. Also, with the help of integrated marketing concepts you can put a powerpack on your mailing success with the use of a website to collect the data of your customers. We like to have a "add me to your newsletters" feature, which your customers can fill out and "Opt-in," and you can put whatever questions or data requests you want on the form. OR offer white paper downloads to collect interested party's info.

Make sure your call to action is on the piece, ie. how to get ahold of you and how to contact you to get your service. Make sure you include your website address, email, phone, address, hours of operation, and consider a QR code! Target marketing is the prominent method of advertising and consists of sending your specific information, promotions, or branding directly to a targeted consumer's place of residence or business that can drive people to purchase from you, and even off of your website.

You can also purchase mailings lists through Print & Copy Factory, and you can specifically target demographics to suit your needs. If you were a pet store, you could specifically send letter campaigns to homes in a precise neighborhood or zip code that have pets. You can also develop your own mailing list for your business, but this requires continual work to maintain.

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A beautifully designed and printed postcard from Print & Copy Factory offers a low-cost, extremely effective means of getting your message out to customers and prospects. We also offer bulk mailing services, which is a very economical product to produce and inexpensive to mail. Postcards deliver a message with greater force than most other mailed marketing materials. Postcards are a great way to get quick attention. Their size automatically makes them less intimidating to the recipient. There's not a lot to read, so they're more likely to read it! Combine it with a distinctive design and your postcard will entice people to read on and discover your unique message.

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At Print & Copy Factory, you can customize every type of postcard with our wide selection of postcard printing and design options. You can choose from one of our standard sizes or you can provide us with a custom size. You can even personalize your postcards to include names, addresses, company logos, and other forms of identification. Your postcard printing and design options are limitless.

Trust the talented graphic design team at Print & Copy Factory to create postcards that not only get attention, but professionally convey your message exactly the way you intended it. Postcard printing and design is our profession. Let us help you today.


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