Print & Copy Factory would like to let you know that our hearts are with you in this time of sorrow and understand that this is a challenging time for you. We hope to help you design a beautiful and meaningful legacy pamphlet that will celebrate the life of your loved one.  and we have included helpful explanations to make this task easier for you.  We created this binder to include helpful explanations to make this easier, by providing samples and pricing to help you get some ideas and you let us know what you would like. 


We  have many options to help create your loved one's Legacy Pamphlet:

DIY (Do it yourself)  Design your own and provide us a .pdf 

ONLINE DESIGN FEATURE using a template and website editor



DiY (Do it yourself):
Standard work has been prepared by you, to contain little or no design fees.  Please provide a .pdf file to size of the intended printout.  It is best to use high-resolution photos for best results.


ONLINE DESIGN EDITOR FEATURE allows you to design and to create your custom brochure and stylize it to fit your needs.  Using our e-document template software, you don’t need your own design software to make something great. Just tell us what you’re looking for in terms of paperweight, printing color, sizes, and folding, and you’ll get to create a professional and personalized program after you click the “Customize Order” button. There are two product pages to choose from, one is for a “Full Color” brochure design option and the more economical is the Black/White color brochure. 


In this binder are a variety of themes and pricing to help you in deciding how to honor your loved one.  You are not limited to these, but hopefully, it will give you an idea and scope of how to get started. If you don’t see anything here, no problem, we can customize and create anything for you that will help with honoring your loved one perfectly.  Please provide us with high-resolution photo(s), and content, and we can begin the design work for you. This typically takes a day or so, depending on our schedules, however, we understand these usually are time constrained and our focus is to make sure these are completed on time.  Our hourly Rate:  $75 per hour. 



Remember to include their key life achievements, service to their country, hobbies, favorite trips and events and their obituary.  Consider including a funny story, a beautiful memory or additional photos with family.

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