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Broadcast your message and attract a great response!

Flyers are a wonderful way to get the word out about your new business, new product, new service, event, or any other worthy cause that you are working on. Flyers are very economical to hand out and leave behind at places, or to hand out at a fair. To be effective they must catch the receiver's attention. It is important to put your business or event in the best light possible with an effective design that makes it easy to understand the purpose of the flyer!

No matter what kind of business you are trying to run, it will not succeed without the right kind of advertising. Print & Copy Factory specializes in helping your business succeed and will take the extra effort to insure your dollars are spent wisely.

Tips for Effective Flyers:

Make sure the flyer covers these important marketing formulas:

  1. Who - of course include your logo and business name
  2. What - what is it that you want to convey to the customer?
  3. Where - don't forget to put the address, website, and even social media addresses - consider putting a map, too
  4. Why - what is the call to action?
  5. When - date / time span
  6. How - outline any particulars
  7. Requirements

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The team at Print & Copy Factory provide great customer service and a wonderful attitude on-site. I like the accountability, they send multiple proofs prior to moving forward and require a signed proof before starting the job. Good pricing and I enjoy working with them.


May I tell you, these business cards were the hit of the show! Turns out my work outfit matched the cards perfectly, and everyone was delighted by their weight, feel, and overall awesomeness. Well done everyone, can't wait to order more!
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