Donation Envelopes

or remit/remittance envelopes

These envelopes are most commonly used for political campaigns, churches, and non-profit organizations. The have a wide flap, so that there is room to fill out the requested information, insert a check, and then send back to the pre-printed address. These can have prepaid postage permits which allows the user to not have to add a stamp, increasing ease of reply. Prepaid accounts are set up by using a BRM or Business Reply Mail permit,  or a Courtesy Reply Mail account. We can set up both easily for you, just contact us regarding what your needs are, and we can discuss the options available to you.


I wanted to thank you, Krystal, Phil and your whole team for your support of our marketing material. The trade show in Vegas was a huge success and the banners and sell sheets worked exceptionally well. We were under a tight deadline and we were working with minimal infrastructure. Your team took the challenge, listened and came up with solutions that exceeded my expectations. As a consultant referring business, my success hinges on you. Thanks for all you did!

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