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Yes, envelopes are still a very common and widely used item in the office environment. Even with today’s technology and going “paperless,” envelopes evoke a feeling of trust because of their tangibility. They are used for so many things, such as correspondence, bills/payments, and marketing efforts such as direct mail. Traditional business envelopes are the #10 size (4.125 x 9.5) and often are made to match business stationery or letterhead. Many companies miss the opportunity to use envelopes as another tool to support your business branding and identity. It is an amazing marketing tool. Despite the surge in email use, consider returning to professional personal correspondence, as it is critical in making a great impression.

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Is it important to style your envelope with a good design?

The truth is that many companies advertise their products by mail, and the recipients, who usually find a dozen or more envelopes in their mailboxes everyday, will only read those that truly capture their attention.

Placing your logo and contact information on an envelope may not be enough. Make sure you take advantage of the available real estate and let the design catch the attention of your customers. Your envelopes should stand out from the competition with a visually attractive design. Unfortunately, many business owners underestimate the power of good graphic design on an envelope and simply send “traditional” white envelopes that can easily get lost in the mailboxes of their customers.


Announcement Envelopes: 
A2 = 4 ⅜ × 5 ¾
A6 = 4 ¾ × 6 ½
A7 = 5 ¼ × 7 ¼
A8 = 5 ½ × 8 ⅛
A9 = 5 ¾ × 8 ¾
A10 = 6 × 9 ½

Business Envelopes: 
No. 6¾ = 3 ⅝ × 6 ½
No. 7¾ = 3 ⅞ × 7 ½
No. 9 = 3 ⅞ × 8 ⅞
No. 10 = 4 ⅛ × 9 ½
No. 11 = 4 ½ × 10 ⅜
No. 12 = 4 ¾ × 11

Catalog & Booklet Envelopes: 

Catalog Envelopes have the flap on the short edge, and Booklet Envelopes have the flap on the long edge.

6 x 9  
6 ½ x 9 ½
9 x 12
9 ½ x 12 ½
10 x 13 

Remittance Envelopes:

No. 6½ = Flat: 3 ⅝ × 6 ¼,
and Open: 7 ⅛ × 6 ¼


We can help you with pretty much any envelope you need. We can custom-make envelopes using different papers or window positions, and we can include printing on the inside of the envelope. We can print on flat paper, allowing for grander designs, and then convert them into your custom size envelopes. Every custom project will require some engineering to ensure the best, cost-effective approach to fit your budget. From printing one color, two color, full color, or even variable data printing, we can get it done! Just some of our envelopes include: Economy, Generic White, Office Envelopes, Business Stationery Envelopes, Announcements, A-2, A-6, A-7, Press-to-seal & Peel-to-seal, Windows (Inside Tint, Standard, and Custom Translucent), Catalog & Booklets, Remittance Returns, Custom Created... just give us a call!

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