UV Coated Business Cards

Add some shine and DURABILITY

UV Coating is a clear liquid spread over the paper like ink and then cured instantly with ultraviolet light. UV Coating doesn't necessarily make the cards waterproof, but it does add a layer of protection. UV Coating requires special machinery that we do not have in house, so we would need to add a few more days of production for our bindery supplier to process the order.

Keep in mind that it is a thick coating that may occasionally crack when scored or folded.

“Spot UV Coating” can be used as a spot covering to accent a particular image on the sheet, this is called Spot UV (special pricing), or as an overall (flood) coating. “Flood UV Coating” is a flood coat across the face of the product. UV Coating gives more protection and sheen than aqueous coating (AQ). However, it is more difficult to recycle than the other coatings. Do not get it confused with varnish coatings, that are commonly used for brochures etc. Varnish coatings can come in different sheens, such as matte, semi gloss, or ultra glossy.

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