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You can’t go wrong, Satisfaction Absolutely Guaranteed. Choose from a variety of stock, finishes, and sizes, and we can even help you with the design!

Business cards are the frontline image of your business. It is the easiest marketing tool to connect with your potential customers, and since most people will judge a business by their image (consciously or unconsciously), it is imperative that your business card portrays professionalism and high quality.

Print & Copy Factory can design, print, and deliver business cards which command the visual attention of your viewers. The quality of paper used to make the cards, as well as our various printing processes, ensures that your cards will "feel" as great as they look!

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We can create many different types of business cards!

Because there are so many different types of printing, there are many different types of cards we can create! What is the best type, style, size, weight, look/feel, and cost for you?

Below is a selection of some of our most popular styles.

Digital Full Color

Make a lasting impression! Design Online or Upload Your File, or have us design it for you!! Some of the different types include: Square Business Cards, Circle Business Cards, Custom Business Cards, and Glossy Business Cards.

  • Can be a Fast Turn!
  • Available with Full Color Front / Back
  • Large Variety of Stocks
  • Weights can be 100# up to 16pt
  • 2" x 3.5", 1”x 3.5”, 2.5” x 2.5” square
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Traditional Offset

Traditional offset is basically defined as wet ink on paper, and the ink colors (PMS- Pantone matching system) are custom-mixed to match your corporate colors. This is the older form of printing, and requires more time due to the setup stages, ie. plates, ink mixing, and ink drying time.

  • PMS Colors: 1, 2, 3 & 4
  • Front / Back
  • Variety of Stocks
  • Limited in weights (up to 120# or 12pt)
  • 5-7 day standard turnaround
  • 2" x 3.5", 1”x 3.5”, 2.5” x 2.5” square
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UV Coated or Matte Coated Cards

Ultraviolet Coating is a very glossy, shiny liquid coating applied to a printed paper surface and cured on a printing press or special machine using ultraviolet light. This provides an extra protection and finish on the cards! UV can be added to many different cards and products that we print. This is a separate process and would need to be specified up front and prices may vary depending on process.

Matte coating can be done in two different processes, such as a thin lamination that once applied will soften the image for a wonderful feel to the touch.

Rounded Corners

Rounded corners can be achieved as a separate process, and is a final step after the piece is printed. We have several sizes of rounded corner dies that will cut either ⅛”, ¼” or a ⅜” shape! We have several ways we can create this effect, one is use our hand machine and the other option is to create a die custom to your needs, and it can be any shape and size. This die would be yours and unique to your project.

Fold Over Cards

Why a fold over card? Double your impact with this little gem — it is perfect for those who need extra space to get your message across. It gives you so much more room to be creative! Folded business cards are a great way to make a lasting impression. There are many ways you can add value and grab attention with folded business cards. When determining how to utilize the extra space, give your target audience something useful that they’ll use over and over again, such as an events schedule, frequent customer discounts, or even a punch card for free merchandise and services.

  • Vibrant full color on either side, PMS colors, or black
  • Large variety of stock
  • Optional UV coating for extra shine and durability
  • Scored for easy folding and delivered flat
  • Flat: 4” x 3.5” and folded 2" x 3.5" - or you can add a little lip/one longer side

Prices for Fold Over Business Cards vary depending on stock, size desired, and printing process. Please contact us for a custom quote.


We pride ourselves in the design work that we do for our customers. In fact, most of our projects go through our design department. Give your business a fighting chance with the right image.

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