Confidential Copies

Litigation Support Services

Confidential_Copy_Services Litigation projects often are boxes of papers that are part of documentation in a lawsuit, so accuracy is extremely important. Both sets of copies need to mirror exactly, so both parties are privy to the same information. Because of the nature of these documents, they also require complete confidentiality. Every staff member has been carefully screened and signed documentation for your assurance and protection for everyone’s behalf. We understand that any mistake would be devastating to your case, and no amount of speed and accuracy on our part can make up for a breach of confidence — rest assured, we will never compromise our commitment to maintaining accuracy and confidentiality.

In the legal profession, you need partners to help support your case. Our wide range of litigation support services includes:

  • Digital Color or Black & White Copies: books, photos, files, etc.
  • Maps, charts, and graphs
  • Page numbering / Bates stamping
  • Scanning to file
  • Full-color exhibits & displays
  • Oversized document reproduction
  • Custom or standard index tabs
  • Two or three hole drilling
  • Complete bindery services, such as staple, clip, or coil
  • Mounting

And when we’re finished, your originals will be returned to you in pristine condition, just as we received them.

We’re proud to provide exceptional service and quality while preserving your clients’ privacy. Let us show you what we can do for you!

Print & Copy Factory is wonderful and I really enjoy working with them. They are responsive to feedback and provide us with great ideas. I also appreciate that they know me by name and recognize me when I come in the store. I've lived in Bellingham for a long time and know the businesses that I can and can't trust. Print & Copy Factory is a company I can trust.


Thank you so much! We love working with P&CF! You all are so kind, efficient, knowledgeable, and patient.

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