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Here at Print & Copy Factory, our main focus of business is to reproduce your projects with the best quality possible. We pride ourselves in offering a wide range of processes to recreate your project, from digital high speed copies, digital printing, and traditional offset printing.

Print & Copy Factory has a great and helpful website. I like the online ordering process because it's very intuitive. We are a small company, but they always treat us with great respect. Special/hurry projects are always handled with a great attitude. I like how they always have the same people working at the store... they are knowledgeable and always helpful.

What is the Difference Between “Copy” and “Print” Technologies?


Copies are simply defined as reproducing documents by either taking a picture of it optically or receiving the file digitally to print. The reproduction of the piece is from melted toner fused onto paper. This technology is great for quick and short run projects. We often can turn these within a few hours, or a few days depending on the schedule at the time of order and the task details that you are requesting.

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This is the traditional process that printing has been done with for centuries. It is more time consuming for set-up, however, much more affordable for larger runs. In most basic terms, it is "wet" soy-based ink and absorbed into paper, which requires some drying time. Offset printing, also called lithography, is a way of mass-producing images on paper with a series of rollers, a rubber blanket, metal or poly plates, and wet inks.

Because of these two technologies, it is very difficult to create color values consistent from one process to the other. We can show you samples that will give you an idea of what to expect. At Print & Copy Factory, our 132 years of combined experience provides us with an extensive knowledge of press techniques and the requirements to produce best-in-class printed materials.

  • High Volume 1 and 2 Spot PMS Color
  • High Volume Full Color, 4 Color or CMYK
  • Commercial Printing

This process is for newsprint and for continuous forms. Some printing projects require a different type of machinery. Having the flexibility of different printing presses, allows us to provide you with options and find the right machine fit to your project.

  • Snap-a-part forms
  • Continuous forms / Tractor feed
  • Newsprint
  • Special NCR combinations
  • Unit Sets
  • Booklet forms

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Nice work building your business throughout 25 years of market dynamics, world changes, comings and goings - super impressive!

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