Welcome to our New Website

New site. New style. Same great service!

Finally, on Aug 1st, 2017, we launched our new site! We are so excited and hope that you are too. Our new site has many new features, here is a list of some of them and how they will work!

New Website Features:

We decided to keep many of the same elements that were on our old site, such as the file tabs at the top-right of the page for estimates, orders, and file uploads, and we kept the familiar product list on the left hand side of each page. The new part of our website includes a whole new world of fast online estimation, crazy fun design widgets, and easy ordering!

You will notice that at particular times you will find yourself navigating over to a new domain, “createwith.printcopyfactory.com” where the new design and order features are displayed.


We have a few design widgets that can be used in many different capacities, and here is a breakdown of the various features:


Of course we can still design it for you, just like we have always done. We have a wonderful design department with a team of people with different design flavors to match with your business wishes.

2. Upload Print-Ready Files

Upload your custom design — we accept .pdf print ready files. If you have designed your own project, here is a easy and simple way to upload the artwork and to place the order. Please visit our preflight document and digital file requirements so that we can ensure your project is of the highest quality.

3. Design Widget

Our design widget is pretty awesome. You can upload art files from Facebook and your desktop, and they will be saved in your account for easy reorders and for creating new documents! Note, not all products are complete yet with this feature, so feel free to email or call us if you're ready to jump on this. We are working like crazy over here to get them all perfect and functioning to make your experience awesome!

4. Personalize One of Our Templates

You will soon be able to design using one of our templates and personalize the template for your needs… once complete, this widget will create a print-ready pdf file for us that will be automatically sent to our production department. On the day we launched our new site we didn’t have templates for all of our products, but over the next year we will integrate design templates, and we will post on our Facebook and on the home page of our website as they come available. We are open to ideas and suggestions as you see fit, please email us!

5. Corporate Templates

Many of our customers reorder products over and over again, and we now have the really cool option of setting up a design template for your common products, for example business cards, so you can avoid set up charges from our design department. We would create a mini-website that would be branded with all of your products and items that you want to personalize for easy ordering. Because some of this would take time, we do have a small set up fee, so if your company is not volume-based this would not be the feature for you.

Have a question about how the new site works? Email or call us at (360) 738-3539 today!


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