NeighborMail  - Every Door Direct Mail

What is NeighborMail™?

Our NeighborMail™ program is very similar to the USPS’s EDDM (“Every Door Direct Mail”) program, but with us helping you from concept to mailbox. Take a pick of any neighborhood, rural route(s) or city route(s) here locally or for across the nation. We will help you with a marketing strategy and with picking neighborhoods, and then with design, printing, and mailing your message to their homes. We make reaching your target market easy…

With our NeighborMail™ program you can:

  • Target Marketing - Saturation MailingsBuild traffic
  • Reach new customers
  • Increase sales
  • Reduce mailing costs
  • Eliminate marketing hassles by having us do all of the work!

Now every small business can take advantage of this type of mailing because the postage is so much more affordable compared to regular mail rates. We provide the complete package for you: we design, print, and mail for less than the cost of a first class stamp.

Our program offers benefits that other advertising cannot
  • It is cheaper than bulk mailing: The postage rate is much more economical. The actual postage savings with EDDM marketing is about 3 cents over postcard first class rate, and about 7 cents over standard letter rate. The nice thing about EDDM postcards is that you can mail a much larger piece which will grab attention in the mailbox.
  • It is location targeted: You select specific mail routes and NeighborMail™ puts your message into every mailbox – this saturation means no exclusions due to a bad mail list.
  • It is really big and full color! We use full color, large-size cards for a better response. That means a big, eye-catching mail piece which is much larger than the standard 4” x 6” postcard. The proper size for EDDM is not a non-standard letter, it is more than 11.5” long, more than 6 ⅛” high, or more than ¼” thick.
  • More selling opportunities: Because of the size, you can include more offers, be louder, say more, and do more to help increase your response rate.
  • No USPS Postage Permit hassle required: You traditionally need a permit costing as much as $450 to send postcards through the mail. Using our NeighborMail™ program, you not only eliminate that charge, but we do it all for you. So no licking stamps here.
  • No mail list needed: We take care of the details so the postal service will deliver your piece to each door in the mailing routes you pick.
  • High Response: NeighborMail™ has a high return on investment (ROI). The USPS statistics show that for every $1 invested in direct mail, $12.50 is returned in sales.
  • Delivered Intact: NeighborMail™ mail never goes through processing equipment. It goes directly to the mail carrier - meaning your piece arrives in perfect condition.
  • Cool Web Integration: We can integrate your message with QR Codes and Mobile Websites to take advantage of internet technology as well.

Our NeighborMail™ program is the most economical and targeted way to keep your business and message on the top of the minds of everyone in the neighborhoods that matter most to you. Get started today by calling us for a free idea session as well as an estimate of costs.


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