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Of course you want the best bang for your buck when it comes to direct mail. No matter your list target, be it purple-haired grannies or professionals, we’ve got you covered. We can even find the addresses of homeowners with dogs. At Print & Copy Factory, we regularly get phone calls asking if we can find “good” direct mail lists. The fact is, we only deal with the most respected list provider in the industry. We promise a certain high level of deliverability on our data (eg. 94%+ on our Excelsior Premium Consumer Data). Learn about our vast types of lists and sorts available to find just the right target audience for you.

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As important as the list source is, the criteria used to select the list is just as essential. You can't just buy an inexpensive list to save money, because the quality of the list may be poor and you will be spending more money on postage mailing to inadequate names. Also, for the best results, there are recommended list offerings that you may not have thought of. Many businesses make selections based upon an “intuitive knowledge” of their customer — and then wonder why the program didn’t perform up to expectations.

If you have worked out your selection criteria and are confident that it is appropriate for your needs or if you’d like additional assistance, Print & Copy Factory is happy to get you a list of the highest quality and to help you establish goals to increase your Return on Investment.

Our Mailing Lists Services

Here is a list of some of the data search filters:


Source of nearly 200 million individuals with demographic and psychographic information, as well as buying behaviors.
Occupant data: from average income in a carrier route to median age, home value, length of residence, even % of ethnicity in a carrier route. This is a list that can be tagged with options of homes, apartments, trailers, business locations.

Consumer (Excelsior):

This is a little more advanced, using higher targeted selects of:

  • Premier age (1 year increments)
  • Premier Income (up to $2.5 million)
  • Premier Home Value
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Age Range of Children
  • Gender of Children
  • Address Type
  • Home Value
  • Homeowner or Renter
  • Year Home was Built

Business Data:

Database of businesses and professionals nationwide. There are many ways to compile these lists, most often we look at the SIC codes of types of businesses.

  • Choice – We offer both major compilers of business data, InfoUSA as well as D&B, so you can get the right file for your needs.
  • Expertise – Just because the data is available, does not mean it’s the best list for the job. Our expert list agents are there to help you determine which list to use in every situation. For example, when to use D&B or InfoUSA as your compiler. They also can steer you towards Business Specialty Data when it is available, such as for churches, government agencies, doctors, nurses and more.
  • Phone Appends – We verify and/or add phones to either consumer or business lists. Need DNC (Do Not Call) scrubbed phones?
  • Email Appends – Have a list of customers you would like to email? We can append email addresses to any direct mail list, following all CANSPAM regulations, and give you back a database that can be used again and again. PLEASE NOTE, because of anti-spam laws, it is required to have “Opt-in” approval before sending out a flood email. Therefore our email list supplier has that, and we will have to send the email blast through them in order to be legal.
*REAL ESTATE DATA, such as Mortgages, New Borrowers, New Home Owners updated every month, movers, pre-movers, age of home; the list sorts are quite amazing.

More premium selects to keep you on the cutting edge! Imagine being able to target these specific groups of people:

  • Fitness Warriors
  • Early Technology Adopters
  • Households Who Purchase Sugar Free Food
  • AT&T Wireless Customer
  • In Market for Japanese Luxury Vehicle
  • Heavy Facebook User
  • Casino Gamblers
  • Social Influencer
  • Plans to Buy a Pre-Owned Home
  • Dines at a Quick Service Mexican Restaurant

Aside from these, a premium select that is extremely popular is our ESI (Economic Stability Indicator) which is similar to a modeled credit score.

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