Courtesy Reply Mail (CRM)

Courtesy Reply Mail (CRM) is usually a postcard or an envelope that is pre-addressed and includes the intelligent barcode, which assists the Post Office in moving the mailing piece through their high-speed automation equipment with better accuracy and efficiency. The CRM still requires the customer to apply a stamp, so NO permit application or deposit account is required for these. A CRM is usually a postcard or a return envelope that is put inside another envelope for a call to action, or handed out at events for ease of mailing. All CRM pieces are required to have Intelligent Mail barcodes and specific art and layout requirements for each type of mailing, size, and weight. We can provide all the necessary artwork for you.

If you are doing a mailing or handing out envelopes for donations that will be sent back to you, the post office requires that we print a CRM on it. If an envelope is put inside a bulk mailing letter without CRM art on it, the whole mailing is subject to being rejected.

U.S. Postal Service's market research shows that providing barcoded envelopes makes good business sense:

  • Barcoded reply envelopes can be processed and delivered faster by the Post Office. Automated processing of properly prepared barcoded reply mail provides accurate sorting and eliminates mail delay.
  • Customers save the time required to find an envelope, look up an address, and then write or type the address.
  • Customers with correctly addressed return envelopes do not make addressing errors that can delay your returns.
  • Customers and donors return payments and pledges significantly faster when supplied with a return envelope.
  • Providers of return envelopes get remittance faster, and will receive and fulfill orders sooner, which improves customer relations, optimizes cash flow, and reduces inventories and their investment in them.
  • Customers have positive attitudes about creditors, marketers, and fundraisers who show thoughtfulness by providing reply envelopes.

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