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Business Reply Mail (BRM)


A Business Reply Mail (BRM) permit allows you to distribute business reply cards, envelopes, self-mailers, cartons, and labels through the Post Office. This product is perfect for surveys, warranty cards, or simply for requesting a response from the receiver that allows them to not pay for postage, as you will be paying for postage. The BRM permit holder guarantees payment of only the pieces returned by the post Office.

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USPS BRM Pricing*
Basic BRM

Annual permit fee of $160. Per piece charge of $0.65 plus First-Class Mail postage. Paid through an advance deposit account or by cash/check on delivery.

Cost Per Piece:
First-Class postage + 65¢
Letter (1 oz.) 39¢ + 65¢ = 1.04¢
Card Rate 24¢ + 65¢ = 89¢

High-Volume BRM

Annual permit fee of $160 plus a BRM annual accounting fee of $500 for each account at each delivery unit. Per piece charge of $0.11 plus First-Class Mail postage. Paid through an advance deposit account. Best suited if return volume is approximately 950 pieces or more per year.

Cost Per Piece:
First-Class postage + 11¢
Letter (1 oz.) 39¢ + 11¢ = 50¢
Card Rate 24¢ + 11¢ = 35¢

*Based off of USPS 2017 pricing - may be subject to change

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More Info on BRM Register for BRM

Before we can print anything, you will need to be approved by the Post Office and they will assign an account to you. Fill out an application, along with the permit fees, and then they will require a deposit on the account for prepayment of postage for the BRM’s when they are returned. Once you have set up your account with the Post Office and have your account number and other verification details, they provide you with the necessary information that we need to get the proper art for the face of the printed item.

The art is different depending on the use and the size of what is being mailed, and it is not interchangeable. We can create the art for you via a service the Post Office has available to us, and then we can begin the printing process. There are many requirements from the Post Office for creating and printing a BRM. The BRM panel artwork can be created by the Post Office for free, and we can take care of getting that setup for you. The piece must conform to a specific format and size to qualify as BRM, including a unique ZIP+4 code assigned by the USPS, and for different sizes there are different art requirements. Proofs for regular BRM should be approved by the USPS before printing. Proofs for Qualified Business Reply Mail (QBRM) must be approved by the USPS. BRM pieces distributed in automation rate mailings are required to meet automation compatibility standards. BRM templates are available on the Postal Explorer website by selecting “Mailpiece Design” in the left frame.

There are many options available for BRM’s, such as foldover cards, envelopes (included with other pieces in an outer envelope), warranty cards, donations for political and non-profit campaigns, and more. Contact us today via email or give us a call.

Step One

Contact your local US Post Office and fill out their forms to set up your account. Give a deposit so that your account has some money stored in it.

Important: Be sure to write down your BRM Account Number and the zip code of the issuing Post Office.

Step Two

Provide us with your BRM permit number, the zip code of the issuing post office (where you got your permit), the new Zip+4 they created specifically for the BRM account (this will be different from your normal Zip+4), and let us know what size of mailing piece you would like to print (for example, #9 envelopes, 3" x 5" labels, or 4.25" x 5.5" postcard, etc.) and then we will set up the US Post Office approved mailing panel and any other design elements you would like. We will then send you a digital proof.

Step Three

Then we print the envelopes!

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