Thinking About Investing in a Direct Marketing Campaign?


Print & Copy Factory is a one-stop resource center offering comprehensive marketing concepts, database rentals, list services, design, and printing services which can all produce exceptional results! There are many different kinds of mailings we can do, from letter campaigns, VDP printing with a landing page (PURL’s customize landing pages), tracking technologies, and much more.

Our Services Include:
Our talented team will guide you through the process & manage all aspects from start to finish

Bulk mailing requires over 200 pieces for letter size and 500 pieces for postcard sizes. The success of a direct mail campaign can be broken down into three primary components:

  • The mailing list or target audience
  • The "offer"or incentive for the customer to buy the product
  • The creative design and message conveyed in the overall campaign

Postage rates will depend on the product to be mailed and the saturation levels of the audience to receive the pieces.

How can you make certain your direct mail piece has every chance of outstanding success?
  1. Look at your mail piece as your recipient will look at it. Pretend you are them. Does it make sense?
  2. Remember your primary objective. What do you want the recipient do? Does the piece address the needs of the recipient, written to them with them in mind?
  3. Does it have a call to action? Does the piece hit them between the eyes? Does it encourage your reader to open it NOW? At once? And does it have an easy way to respond or be called into action? Address, phone, website, etc.
  4. Does the piece create branding and consistency? Does it include the full story? Who, what, where, when, and why?
  5. Does it include the benefits of doing business with you? Charts, photos, or illustrations?
  6. Does it include your address, contact information, phone numbers, or other ways to best reach you?
  7. Is your staff and inventory levels prepared for a campaign? Are they trained and privy to the contents of the mailing? Do you have enough materials to satisfy the need?

We are HIPAA Certified! 

You can trust us to safeguard your PHI (Protected Health Information) in accordance with the Health and Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). We handle secure information with care and privacy and are compliant with all HIPAA regulations. Ask us how this can benefit your organization!


We offer all classes of postal services:

  • First Class Mail
  • Second Class Mail (magazines and newspapers)
  • Third Class Mail (Bulk Mail/Direct Mail/Marketing Mail) - our most popular service!
  • Fourth Class Mail (books and media packages)

Here is a general cost breakdown of postage (as of January 27, 2019)


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