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Print & Copy Factory offers a large range of commercial and business printing papers. We keep a large range of papers in-house for quick turn orders, as well as the availability to order an even larger selection of fresh, unique specialty papers we can get from our paper warehouse. The right paper choice makes the design of your project really come together. Our printing consultants are ready to help show you with different choices and give recommendations and pricing that will help with your budget and quality.

You can order any stock from us for your office laser printers too, give us a call for quantities and prices on that specific paper you are looking for.

Some of our in-house papers:

This paper is the most basic white copy paper.

20# Bond White & Pastels



This paper is used for that little extra weight stock, that is more opaque for double sided copies. This paper is commonly used for brochures, flyers, and newsletters. It comes in a variety of weights and brand names. Some brands will have more of a “tooth” to the texture, whereas others are super smooth.

Our house sheet is rated at a #1 offset opaque sheet, is acid free, and has a smooth finish. It is also rated at a 96 brightness. We keep 60# and 100# weights in stock, but it can also be ordered in a large variety of weights, providing flexibility for direct mail requirements and/or if you're building a project that has many pieces and requires many different weights of paper.

White: 60#, 70#, 80#, and 101#
Natural: 60#
Pastels: 60#



This paper is used for most color copy machines and digital presses, and has a treated polish on it to help hold up the color toner for a brighter impression. Our house sheet is 30% post-Consumer Waste and has a brightness of 98.

24#, 28# and 32# are lighter weight compared to
65# and 80# cover weights (like a postcard weight)


Index & Bristol

This paper is best described as a warranty card type weight, where it is light, but heavy enough to be mailed through the mail. A lighter weight, 65#, 67# or 90# can be ordered if mailing is not required.

Index Pastels 110# is direct mail weight acceptable


Bright color stock - great for quick flyers:

This Neenah paper has been around forever and has continued to be a favorite for customers to use on flyers and black and white copies. These colors are varied as a recycled stock depending on the colors, and are acid free, and with a smooth finish great for laser and inkjet printers. See the color chart to the right of this page!

Astrobright 60# Text
Astrobright 65# Cover



Gloss paper is the most popular stock that we print on, because of the ever-growing popularity and more affordable full color printing. There are many different brands and finishes of gloss papers. We keep several different ones in stock, but stop by and ask about our large selection of sample books to browse through! Gloss paper has different finishes on them, the shinier the finish, the more polished the project will look.

Standard Gloss
Text: 80#, 100#
Cover: 80#, 100# 120#, 160#

C1S 10pt, 12pt Board/Cover (coated one side)
C2S 10pt, 12pt Board/Cover (coated two side)

Super Shiny C1S 10pt, 12pt
Super Shiny C2S 10pt, 12pt


Stationery Papers:

The very large selection of speciality stationery papers makes it super fun for us here at Print & Copy Factory to help you pick the perfect paper for your project. There are so many beautiful stocks to select from. See further below for a more detailed list of papers we can order.

24# Writing, 70# Text & 80# Cover, or Royal Fiber and Royal Linen Papers

Label Stock:

This paper comes in many many different weights, colors, and sizes for us to run through our machines, and can be very complex depending on what the product is to apply the sticker to. Such as refrigeration or heat, weatherproof, etc., all require a different type of glue adhesive for a better quality of application. We like to ask a lot of questions when it comes to labels, because we want to be sure your project will be successful.


Digital Polyester (Plastic/weatherproof paper):

This paper is great for menus or those items that need to be used over and over again, but can’t be laminated. We have done driving passes, checklists, and medical guide books for 911 service call centers.

Chip Board:

This paper is not able to run through the press or digital printers, but very popular for back of notepads, or customers like to use chipboard for packaging.

NCR (No Carbon Required):

This is a very common paper used for invoices and work orders, providing multiple parts of the same document. We can do many things with this paper, and order in different color sequences. The technology of this paper is quite fascinating, it works because the paper is coated with a special chemical that breaks open little ink bubbles that are coated on one side of the paper. That is why we would spec out special series of NCR, as front sheet is coated back, middle sheets are coated front and back, and the last sheet is coated front. We can order all types of colors and weights to accommodate your particular needs, such as the back sheet can be on a index stock that is heavy and more durable, in say, an automotive repair shop. These sheets can be printed using different art on the front and back on all, or different art even on any of the pages in the series set.


  • Generic Office, many sizes
  • Announcements, A-2, A-6, A-7
  • Press-to-seal & Peel-to-seal
  • Windows
  • Inside Tint
  • Translucent
  • Catalog & Booklets
  • Remittance Returns
  • Custom Created

Amazing Paper Selections Available:

In many weights, sheet sizes, and colors

Please call for availability of stock, we can order from our warehouse in Seattle for delivery for no extra cost. Some special paper orders do require a minimum, because they come directly from the Mill.

When choosing a stationery package and/or invitation package, we recommend starting your paper selection by looking at the envelope availability, as there are less available types of envelopes than letterhead sheets.

*Paper with recycled content (confirm color choice, some colors have different recycled content or are not recycled under brand name).

  • Classic Crest*
  • Classic Linen*
  • Classic Laid*
  • Classic Columns*
  • Curious Metallics
  • Environment*
  • Fox River*
  • Options*
  • Strathmore*
  • Sundance*

About grades and weights

ASTROBRIGHTS®, Classic®, Curious®, Starliner®, and other brand names of papers are a registered trademark names of their manufacturers. 


We have many colors and choices. Below is just a small sampling.

Astrobright papers


Royal Fiber

*Color will not display exactly on monitors, please come in the shop to see an actual sheet if the exact color is critical.

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