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At Print & Copy Factory, our focus is on creativity. We know that in order to effectively reach an audience, an advertisement must be powerful enough to “hit a person right between the eyes” and make them want to stop and read the copy. We have achieved overwhelming success with our marketing concepts and designs by consistently producing creative headlines and bold, unexpected imagery for clients. We like to say “think outside the box” and “speak into the listening” of your clients, find their pain points, and put it in a relatable visual. Sometimes a funny image works, sometimes it doesn’t. So zeroing in on your target audience is key.

At Print & Copy Factory, we understand buying behaviors and how the human mind works, and we leverage this knowledge to create truly unique advertisements that will make people want to stop and read.

We can design with your budget in mind, from full color process campaign materials to simple black and white, it is still important to create a concept and have it work visually within all of the platforms you choose to work with. Give us a call and let us know what you are thinking about having done.

What's the difference between a Brand and a Logo?

Usually a LOGO is a design element image that is recognizable, includes the business name, has specific colors, and could be a registered trademark. The logo carries the brand’s message and position.

The BRAND is the emotion that goes with it. Such as, when you see the Pillsbury Dough Boy, you hear the giggle, and smell the warm biscuits that give you the home-cooked meal feeling. None of that is on the logo, is it? But that emotion is what makes everyone feel connected to the product and company. Your brand could be carried with a song, smell, colors, old/new, by creating that connection and recall.

Having just a logo may not be enough for carrying your message and mission. Be sure to spend time focusing on your brand. Successful brands are those that are recognizable because they generate emotion.

Page Note:
Too often, businesses design advertisements around a specific product photo or concept. This approach generally produces much lower results than a full concept. If you surprise a reader with graphic design and headlines not typically seen, they will stop and read your advertisement because it appeals to their sense of curiosity. To add more success, you would want to weave in your brand with every advertisement, coffee mug, and marketing material you use and work with.

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