Logo Design

Let it speak for you

Logos are critical for the identity of your business. To have an effective logo, it would need be recognizable and readable, no matter the size or the medium it is printed on. A logo that carries the brand for your company should be appealing to your target audience and invoke your mission, message and brand. There are a lot to these crazy things, and we love doing them.

Our logo design starts at $250, and we charge $75/hourly. Print & Copy Factory’s logo design services include:

  • Identifying your target audience and what will appeal most to your audience
  • Determine what characteristics of your company or products differentiate you from the competition
  • Create an effective logo design, tag line or slogan for your company or products
  • A disk with different file formats, a spec sheet for identifying colors, and different versions of the logo if needed

Click Here to get started on a questionnaire to help us identify and create logo concepts for you.

Things to consider when developing Brand Identity and Logo Design:
  1. What kind of business are you in?
  2. Who are your competitors?
  3. What image do you want to convey?
  4. Who do you want to attract? (What is appealing to your customer base?)
  5. What is your budget for future printing of all of your materials?


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