Application for Sponsorship, Donations and/or Non-Profit Discounts

Because we are a printshop, you can imagine the amount of requests we get for donations. It is extremely overwhelming, and it has become difficult to choose between them. We support many organizations and believe in our community, however we hope that you can appreciate the difficulty in choosing. This form will help us sort through the requests on a yearly basis, so getting your request in early is important. These decisions are made normally in January, when we create a yearly budget and try to be fair to all considered. If we have supported your organization in the past, we request that this form be filled out yearly and submitted by Dec 31 of each year.

Here are some of the criteria we look at to consider your application:

  1. That if you are a 501C3 organization, the primary focus is in supporting businesses.
  2. Donations are never made in cash, but in the form of printing and design services.
  3. If you are providing us print ready files: We will not readily accept poor quality design work because that reflects the quality of our printing services, and we reserve the right to refuse the art submitted. We have a full design team, and we would prefer to set it up for you.
  4. We will not provide a sponsorship/donation if a competitor is also included in the pool of sponsors.
  5. We request that you have a sponsorship form prepared and presented to us with different levels of sponsorship, and what is provided for those levels of sponsorship in trade, ie. radio ads, logo on posters, etc.
  6. Be a current customer with a history of purchases with us.

Thank you!

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