Business Credit Application

Please fill out the credit application completely. We will process the information (sometimes it can take a bit of time, depending on the response of your references). We do not accept references from phone or corporate level companies, such as Comcast, and prefer local businesses to be listed. Everything is held with extreme confidence.

We take pride in the ability to offer credit terms to our customers. This however is a privilege, and if abused by slow payments, or not paying the invoice in full when it is due, we reserve the right to close the account charging privileges. Our terms for payment are net 30 days or by the 10th, and statements are processed on the 25th.

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Starting a new business can always be a challenge. The folks at Print & Copy have not only helped me with immediate printing needs, but have contributed advertising ideas that have resulted in my business being noticed far more quicker than I had anticipated! They are a great team to have standing behind you!
Owner of Sweet Penny Fashion PetWear

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