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Booklets, manuals, catalogs, directories, guides, and more!

Booklets are an economical choice for making presentations or collecting information together in one place. Some of the most common uses for these are directories, catalogs, presentation aides, manuals, guides, proposals, or pricebooks - the list is endless. The best way to describe a booklet is that it is stapled on the spine.

For quick runs, there is a limited of page count of twenty pages, however, we can do larger booklets on different machinery that takes a bit more time to produce. These books can be many sizes, from 4.25" x 5.5" up to 9" x 12" (this describes the finished, folded size).


When working on the booklet pricing, please note that the page count is the number of turn pages or single-sided design pages. For example, a sixteen page booklet is actually four two-sided sheets when we print it, so to keep it simple on the pricing look at your digital document, and if it has 16 numbered pages, then that is actually a 16-page booklet.

  • Thicker books may need to be book trimmed.
  • Color covers on cover stock may have cracking if there is lots of toner (image on the spine)

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