Email versus Direct Mail Marketing: Which Works Better?

Email or Direct Mail?

Email or Direct Mail?

As more businesses and marketers have turned to email marketing, it is fair to wonder if direct mail marketing still works as effectively as it once did.

Email marketing is a good way to stay in touch with customers and prospects. Just like social media marketing, it has its place in the marketing mix. However, a downside to the massive increase in marketing emails is that only an estimated 19% are even being opened (according to the Direct Marketing Association).

Direct mail marketing still works, and it works very well. However, marketers cannot just create any type of campaign and expect it to be successful. Here are some tips and suggestions from the pros:

  • Keep specialized lists, and target each with the right message. That means no mass-mailing everyone the same message and offers. This requires a bit more preparation but will generate the best responses because you are offering the right message to the right audience.
  • Instead of mass quantity, think quality first. Fewer, better-targeted and better-crafted mailing pieces are more effective than regular, lesser-quality pieces. Print & Copy Factory offers Variable Data Printing, which is very smart and effective way to target your key prospects.
  • Think lumpy mailings. People still enjoy receiving freebies, so include a logo pen, pencil, tiny Frisbee, mini-DVD, or mini-CD card with your contact info on it. Although these types of mailings can be more pricey, the retention and response rates can pay a handsome ROI on the investment. Check out our promotional products website, with over 800,000 items you can imprint your logo on!! www.YourMarketingResourceCenter.com
  • Be creative. People still enjoy programs that offer discounts or a gift with repeat purchases. Set up a loyalty rewards program that ties a buyer’s repeat purchases with discounts and rewards. Then announce it with a direct mail campaign.

Head to the link below to learn more information from the Small Business Administration (SBA), or sign up for a free direct mail class that we offer every month… Then start setting up your next direct mail print campaign with Print & Copy Factory today!

3 “Old School” Marketing Tactics that Still Matter

Build Business Relationships with Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are a great way to show your family and friends you are thinking of them on their birthday or holidays. They are also a powerful yet underutilized tool for businesses to reach out and connect with valued customers, professional acquaintances, and other businesses.
While holidays and birthdays are the most common times greeting cards are used, businesses can also use greeting cards for business event invitations, staff introductions, product or service announcements, exclusive promotion or discount offerings, gift card holders, employee recognition, thank you cards, follow-up notes, customer anniversaries, grand openings, and more.

We can set up programs for companies such as insurance companies, to send out birthday cards on the first of each month. The insurance company would just provide us a database with the birthday month, personal message field, and name/address, and we would personalize the card and address the envelop and mail it out. They would not have to think about it for a full year…!  This technology is called VDP, or variable data printing, that creates “extreme personalized mailings“.

Next time you’re looking for a creative way to send a friendly greeting to your customers, give the timeless touch of greeting cards a try.