The Importance of Proofreading!

Image for storyHow often do you read an article with misspelled words or incorrect grammar?

Do you dismiss the errors and keep on reading, or do you pause and lose your focus?

Misspellings can instantly discount your company’s message and image.


The Right Tool for the Right Job – Photoshop

We don’t use chopsticks to eat tomato soup. We don’t clean our living room rug with a toothbrush.  So why in the world do we try and make one graphics program do something that another program was created to do better?

As personal computers continue to get faster and cheaper, and professional software becomes more accessible, you may find yourself wanting to exercise your latent artistic talent and start designing your own logos, business cards and postcards. Now, while Print & Copy Factory does offer a full range of graphic design services, we strive to support our independent designers as well, providing them with tips and tricks to help guarantee printing success!   More

Branding Your Business Starts With Business Cards

Business cards are like a tiny piece of marketing material. It should compel people to want to do business with you, it should communicate your message, your brand, who you are and what you do. Your business cards will go places you might not get to and stay longer than you do.  In some cases business cards stay in files and folders for years before they are used. More

Be Proud Of Your Menu Design

A restaurant’s menu is more than a simple list of the dishes and drinks that are offered at your establishment. A great menu design is the first step in creating an enjoyable dining experience. Here are 5 tips for a great menu design that you can be proud of and your customers will ‘eat up!’ More

Shredding Tips

Ever wondered how long to keep that W-2? Or how about all of your credit card receipts? Here are some simple guidelines to help you make informed decisions on what you can shred and when. More

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