Your Fans are your Greatest Marketing Campaign

With Social Networking, relationships are key, and developing those relationships is your main goal. Developed relationships not only create sales leads, but can also become your greatest marketing campaign! The great part about taking your business into Social Networking is that your marketing efforts can start to take on a life of their own. With features like “retweet“, “sharing” on facebook, or “sharethis” for blogs, even if you only have 100 followers, those 100 followers have the potential to share your message with all of their friends, and you could possibly be reaching thousands!

How does it work? Here is an example: More

We're just showing off…

… Another beautiful web design

Here is our latest design, a basic web design for B-1 Builders, a local framing company  in Birch Bay, Washington. Their website called for lots of photographs of their building projects to show off their size and skill, and our basic website package was just what was needed to make an impression on potential clients. Check it out!


B1 Builders new website

B-1 Builders is a general contracting company based in Birch Bay, Washington, specializing in large and small scale framing projects for homeowners and builders, with forays into remodeling, additions, decks, speculation building, siding and steel construction.

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Why should you blog, tweet, or facebook?

socialmedia-signI am in the process of car shopping. There are thousands of car companies vying for my attention right now. Millions of dollars are spent on advertising each year, yet what has been the most effective tool in convincing me to give a company a second look? Price? Features? Rebates? Specials? Nope….A salesman’s twitter account! More