Spice Up How You Answer Your Phone

Greetings make a difference!

Greetings make a difference!

If you’re looking for a creative way to spread the word about new products or services or to announce an exciting special or upcoming event, it may be time to reconsider how your business answers the phone.

You or your receptionist can add marketing value by simply changing what is said when answering the phone. For example, pizza delivery companies get straight to the point when you call. “Thanks for calling Pizza Palace, this is Joe. Would you like to hear our specials?” As a customer, the thought of saving money is very intriguing and can often entice callers to learn more, even if they already had something in mind before calling.

A captivating introduction can include any type of announcement you’d like to make. For example, you might say, “Thanks for calling XYZ! Did you know that our X products are 30 percent off this week?”

You might also consider tooting your own horn or thanking customers, with a greeting like this: “XYZ is celebrating 50 years of business, and we couldn’t do it without customers like you! What can I help you with today?” Even just a simple statement can add excitement. Here’s one of our favorites: “It’s a great day at XYZ! What can I help you with?”

By adding a creative twist to your phone greeting, you can not only increase awareness and boost sales, but also expand your marketing reach without touching your budget.