Why Printers hate Publisher and MSWord

Why Print shops don’t like Publisher

So is Publisher really that bad? If you are creating something to print out on your home printer go for it! The software is inexpensive, and for making a garage sale sign or your toddler’s birthday invitations, it will work just fine. But if you are designing your business brochures, business cards or a postcards, where quality matters, Publisher just creates more headaches than it’s worth. You might be surprised how little money you actually save by trying to design it on your own….

Below are a few reasons that Publisher falls short as a professional design program;

The Right Tool for the Right Job – Why does it matter?

Example of vector vs raster

Example of vector vs raster

Every day I receive files created with an inappropriate program; books laid out in Illustrator, business cards created entirely in Photoshop or even posters designed in Microsoft Excel! More