Guarantee It!

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What benefit is a guarantee if nobody knows about it? Not only does a guarantee show confidence in your products and offer peace of mind to customers, but it may also give potential customers added incentive to purchase your product over another. A guarantee can be printed as a standalone certificate, added to a label, or included on all types of business signage, flyers, business stationery, receipts, marketing materials, website, email signatures, product packaging, yellow pages ad, and more.

Here are a few tips when promoting a guarantee:

  • Compare your guarantee to your competition. If your competitors don’t offer a guarantee, this is an extra reason to promote your guarantee heavily.
  • Create a unique tagline or slogan that focuses on your company’s strengths, such as: “Hassle-Free Returns” or “Receive your lunch order within 30 minutes or it’s free.”
  • Clearly explain your guarantee terms. For example: “We provide a hassle-free, money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase.”
  • Test your guarantee with a smallĀ targetĀ audience. If you’re nervous about implementing it, test the results again.

If you’d like creative ideas on how to spread the word about your guarantee, we’d love to help. Give us a call today!

Tips to Convey Quality

Tips to Convey Quality

While the quality of your products and services is ultimately measured by customer satisfaction, here are a few tips on how to convey quality in everything your business does:

    • Provide a no-hassle satisfaction guarantee…and stand behind it.
    • Offer a longer or more inclusive warranty than your competition does. This will show customers how committed you are to your products.
    • Post customer reviews and testimonials to encourage readers to see what others are saying about your products and services.
    • Offer a risk-free evaluation of your products to allow customers to experience your outstanding products and customer support firsthand.
    • Create a customer referral program that encourages and rewards customers to do the selling for you.
    • Distribute professional marketing materials such as letterhead, envelopes, business cards, brochures, flyers, and product catalogs.
    • Use only high-resolution, quality images. If an image isn’t up to par, don’t use it.
    • Include your contact information on all materials, including your physical address, phone numbers, and email address. This will show customers you are easily accessible.
  • Choose words carefully when marketing your products. Instead of using the word “quality,” use words that imply quality, such as “premium.” Instead of “inexpensive,” use the word “value.”

One of the easiest ways to show customers your dedication to customer satisfaction is by following Henry Ford’s famous words of advice: “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”