Direct Mail is Powerful!

Marketing Tip#2

It is perhaps one of the most powerful mediums in use today and with all the recent advances in technology, such as VDP (variable data printing), you are able to communicate with your contacts on a whole new interactive level! And when you use Print & Copy Factory to manage your mailer, you are choosing a qualified team of people who will take care of all the details from concept to completion.

Why does direct mail still work? It works when you aren’t. Like the old saying: “Neither snow nor rain can delay the mail carrier…” simply put: the mail arrives. Whether you’re on vacation, sleeping, working, spending time with your family or driving, your direct mail works for you.

It also reaches more people than you can single-handedly. Do you want to know the best way to waste time? Give your sales pitch to one person at a time! Send out postcards or letters with your presentation and it can be received by thousands simultaneously.

It’s cost effective. Hoe much do you spend on generating a customer? By having Print & Copy Factory manage the mailing on your next newsletter or postcard, we are able to prepare the database and get you the best possible postage rate and by using our state-of-the-art digital printing methods, we can eliminate waste and make eye-catching pieces your clients will love.

Direct mail is a tangible medium. Direct mail is something that you can hold in your hand. You can’t click on something else and loose the page. It’s not made up of air-waves that come and go. It is physical and is a lasting presentation.

It’s personable. Have you ever received something that you know is bulk mail… but somehow it is still personalized with your name???? It’s because of a process called Variable Data Printing and we’d be happy to partner with you in the exploration of variable print.

You can also be creative, It’s fun! You can be as creative and crazy as you’d like. Actually, the eye-catchier the better!

It’s convenient. Print & Copy Factory has a full inhouse design department where we can put all of your ideas together. In our mailing department we process your databases with all the latest postal techniques and requirements to guarantee that your mail is delivered to the most accurate address available for your contacts. We print, copy, cut, fold, stuff, seal, stamp and deliver to the post office for you.

It’s that easy!

Some other reasons:

• Stay in touch with your customers and clients every month. If you are not staying in touch with your customers, then who is? Your competition.

• Sell to your target audience.

• We can directly imprint onto your mailing piece, with the address and barcodes to get the best possible mailing cost.

• We do the postal paperwork, batching and delivery of your mailing pieces to the post office for you.

• We provide database change of address service and list storage.

• We can process your lists, combine separate lists and check for bad addresses and/or duplicates.

• Create personalized VDP pieces that can WOW your clientele!

Self Publishing Success Story about Us!

Some of Lynn's Success stories!

Customer, Lynn Dralle, who is a self -publisher has found success in writing books on e-bay purchases. For over 10 years, she has made a living buying and selling on eBay.  She is a third-generation antiques dealer and an experienced eBay Power Seller, eBay Certified Provider, author and teacher.  As one of only 35 eBay Certified Providers,  eBay has put its stamp of approval on her and my products.  Lynn is born and raised in Bellingham, you may know her from the Cheryl Leaf Antiques off Northwest for years.

Lynn writes;

Becky and Larry Raney at Print & Copy are amazing! When I first met Becky back in the 1990’s she was the ONLY printer in town who talked to me like I mattered. Every other printing company I contacted treated me like I didn’t know anything (which I didn’t 🙂 ). Because of Becky’s amazing customer service, I chose P&CF as the company to print my greeting card designs. Those designs ended up getting me a contract with Sunrise/Interart (now Hallmark) as a greeting card designer. Those greeting cards ended up being sold for years in Barnes & Noble and many other major retailers.

In 1998 when my brother and I decided to produce a Beanie Baby Binder book, who do you think we contacted? Becky and Larry of course! Print and Copy Factory produced 10’s of thousands of those books for us and it was the Amazon.com best selling book on collectibles for 1998. What an honor! And what a fantastic job that P&CF did for us — hours and hours spent putting those books together by hand! What an amazing assembly line they set up for us. Becky and Larry and their wonderful staff (Krystal etc.) went above and beyond to make sure that we had solutions that were cost effective and timely for our growing business.

In 1999, P&CF once again produced my “I Sell” binders for selling on eBay. It is now 11 years later and who do you think I called last week to place a re-order? Becky and Larry.

In 2002, when I wrote my first “100 Best Things I’ve Sold on eBay” book, it was Becky who helped me with the creative vision. What P&CF offers is so much more than just printing services! You really feel like they are a partner in making your vision a reality. I don’t know how many rough drafts of the pages that Becky looked at for me (100’s I think and all by fax since I now live in California) but her suggestions were beyond amazing. They were priceless! She is the one who suggested that I use a faded side photo in each story and helped us come up with the arrows and the flow for the right hand side.

Since then I have written 3 more books in that “100 Best” series and Becky and Larry have printed every one for us. For my most recent book, “The 4th 100 Best Things I’ve Sold on eBay — Home Run,” Becky was instrumental in helping us to get the cover just perfect. Her artistic sense is invaluable. And every time I needed 100 books JIT (just in time) for Book Expo America for an autographing session in NY, Print & Copy Factory made it happen. I don’t know what I would do without them!

Becky and Larry started out as business associates and are now so much more, they are my friends. I give them the highest recommendation possible and refer everyone I know to P&CF.

-Lynn Dralle

Are You Ready for the eBook Revolution? It's Here!

I recently helped to create eBook files for local author Bob Ford’s book – Wrongfully Accused. Bob originally came to us to prepare his book for an online publishing house. Once his book was printed and distributed, he decided to take the next step – have it available as an eBook.

Bob contacted us and asked if we could convert his printed book to an electronic format. I decided to familiarize myself with the necessary tools and steps needed to make this possible. After researching print-ready file conversion techniques and participating in several online tutorials, I had established a general understanding of the steps needed to convert print-ready files into eReader formats. More

Blog Design Preview

After weeks of designing and tweaking, we are getting closer and closer to finishing our word-press theme. Take a look and tell us what you like, and what you don’t like.Blog Re-design

Is your website design looking a bit stale? We’d be happy to help! Contact us anytime.

The Web User Experience

Was it fun, informative, and easy to navigate? Did it provide the service you were expecting from it or did it leave you frustrated? Now let’s look at your business website. Are your customers having a great web user experience? More

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Thank You!Wow, I just noticed we haven’t blogged at all this last month! We’ve been keeping busy with direct mail projects, brought in extra staff to do all the stuffing… it’s been nice to be busy again.

Luckily, Micah’s been keeping up on all of our Facebook status updates and even managed to do another Social Media seminar that was a big hit. If you are interested in attending a class, please let us know! More

Fonts Matter!

Designing with Type Book

Find more great information at designingwithtype.com

Choosing the right fonts can make a huge impact on your design and branding. Typography is more that being legible and looking good, it manages to achieve two important objectives, a) to create an appropriate atmosphere, that says who you are, and with the correct alignment it instills trust. B). it also ensures that the reader gets the main message and becomes enrolled. More

What motivates Print & Copy Factory:

Mission Statement:

To make such an amazing difference with our customer service (inside and out) that it has a powerful, positive effect on our customers and contributes to forwarding their business.


To be better than we know ourselves to be… by constantly raising the bar of count-on-ability, personally and professionally.

  • Skills and Competence
  • Integrity (Completeness)
  • Ambition and Originality
  • Empathy (Understanding by Listening)
  • Courage
  • And most of all TEAM

Standard Ink Colors

Need some quick color inspiration that won’t break your bank? Download this PMS color chart or bookmark this page and select from one of our standard ink colors. Standard Ink Colors

NOTE: These color are for general reference ONLY. They are being displayed as RGB (Red Green Blue) on your monitor but will print in the actual ink.  Refer to a PMS swatch book for print purposes.

Another exciting web design!

We’re just showing off … Again!

Here is another one of our latest designs, a pro web design for local freelance wildlife photographer Lynne Edwards – Reflections By Lynne. Lynne’s website captures her beautiful photography and proudly displays it with the user-friendly Elegant Image Gallery module. Check it out!


Lynne has done an excellent job in using the PCF Web Solutions’ ProFusion online web application to create her website. I assisted Lynne in developing the website and enjoyed listening to her amazing stories of photography and travel. The design team at PCF Web Solutions – Becky, Krystal, Micah and myself – take pride and enthusiasm in helping clients create their ultimate web presence. Call PCF Web Solutions today 360-738-4931 or check out our website www.pcfwebsolutions.com to see what we can do for you and your business!

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