The Six-Stage Distinctions of Developing a Website

Process Blog post for Jan 2019

The Six Stage Distinctions of developing websites!

A lot has changed in 2018 in the web development world, and here at PCFWebsolutions, we’re excited to share with you our distinctions to what it takes to create and develop a beautiful, powerful, well-designed and functioning website.  This process is to show you a great understanding of the steps of what it takes to engineer and maintain websites for a smoother experience for both you, your customers and us as your service provider. Most people don’t realize what happens behind the scenes of the processes and have assumed expectations that may not be fitting their budget and timelines.  

If you’re looking to build a new website or simply update your existing website, reviewing these steps will help with the planning, expectations, and smoothing out the transition, all the while keeping the cost down!

The Six-Stage Distinctions

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Discovery  Phase

What is it that you want your site to accomplish? What is the functionality of your ideal site: is it an E-Commerce site, or is it mainly Information-based? Who is your target audience? What is your Call-To-Action? PCFWebsolutions has put together a packet called “Website Homework” to help you brainstorm ideas while you are discovering all of the possibilities. It’s also good to explore existing websites you personally as examples!

The very next thing we want to do is get all of us together for a meeting, whether that may be over the internet or locally here at Print & Copy Factory. We will discuss what your business wants and needs in a new website, in regards to branding, flow through, and functionality. Based on this information, we will research what’s possible and put it to a concept by engineering a plan and present a proposal.

Decision  Phase
With an agreed plan being accepted, we will establish goals, timelines, and expectations for you as well as Print & Copy Factory to work with. You will then be tasked to provide content, images and other materials that we will need to help put the site together.

This is the time where you will need to start writing content for your page outline. If you’re not sure what to say, you might want to take a step back and see what your competition is saying on their websites. Conducting a survey to gather information from your audience is also a great method to bring clarity what the content for your site should speak to your audience.

And while you are writing content, we will be laying the technical groundwork to prepare for a new website and create a navigation flow-through presentation how the site pages are organized in an easy, straight forward manner.


This is where ideas now take formation. With each page’s content, we will then begin creating wireframes to give you an idea of the site flow through. This is like moving the furniture around, by changing things enough for the whole design and content will flow together. We will discuss any minor changes that need to be finalized and will plan to start developing the site.


This is where our magic of integrating your site on the world wide web and all of the parts will come together. You have great content ready and we’ve established the navigation flow-through, the site page layouts and how it will look overall. Now it’s time to take this and put it into action, this is why you can count on us to expertly create a beautiful website experience through your vision!


After we have gone over everything that is necessary for launch, it’s time to hand over the keys for you to start driving your new website. This is where we provide training for your staff to manage your website at the level you choose.


After the site has been live for around a month, we will be tracking the behavior on the website and offer suggestions and make appropriate adjustments.  In reality, a great site is never complete, as Google loves fresh content and updating things as your business grows too. This is how we can help you develop a great SEO reputation, and it doesn’t have to be restricted to the online marketplace. Print & Copy Factory can help you market your website through advertising, direct mail, and printing services.

Give us a call or email us and schedule a time to discuss a new or updated website today!

Are You Ready for the eBook Revolution? It's Here!

I recently helped to create eBook files for local author Bob Ford’s book – Wrongfully Accused. Bob originally came to us to prepare his book for an online publishing house. Once his book was printed and distributed, he decided to take the next step – have it available as an eBook.

Bob contacted us and asked if we could convert his printed book to an electronic format. I decided to familiarize myself with the necessary tools and steps needed to make this possible. After researching print-ready file conversion techniques and participating in several online tutorials, I had established a general understanding of the steps needed to convert print-ready files into eReader formats. More

Another exciting web design!

We’re just showing off … Again!

Here is another one of our latest designs, a pro web design for local freelance wildlife photographer Lynne Edwards – Reflections By Lynne. Lynne’s website captures her beautiful photography and proudly displays it with the user-friendly Elegant Image Gallery module. Check it out!


Lynne has done an excellent job in using the PCF Web Solutions’ ProFusion online web application to create her website. I assisted Lynne in developing the website and enjoyed listening to her amazing stories of photography and travel. The design team at PCF Web Solutions – Becky, Krystal, Micah and myself – take pride and enthusiasm in helping clients create their ultimate web presence. Call PCF Web Solutions today 360-738-4931 or check out our website www.pcfwebsolutions.com to see what we can do for you and your business!

The Importance of Proofreading!

Image for storyHow often do you read an article with misspelled words or incorrect grammar?

Do you dismiss the errors and keep on reading, or do you pause and lose your focus?

Misspellings can instantly discount your company’s message and image.


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Marianne's House is organizing their summer fundraiser!

bbq-fundraiser3Saturday, July 25, 2009
5:30 to 11 p.m.
Depot Market Square, Bellingham, WA

Mark your calendars today!

Support Whatcom County’s Day Activity Center for Adults with Development Disablities.
This fundraising event was created as something different, unique and fun to raise awareness and support for Marianne’s House. More

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