Busy, Busy, Busy!

Thank You!Wow, I just noticed we haven’t blogged at all this last month! We’ve been keeping busy with direct mail projects, brought in extra staff to do all the stuffing… it’s been nice to be busy again.

Luckily, Micah’s been keeping up on all of our Facebook status updates and even managed to do another Social Media seminar that was a big hit. If you are interested in attending a class, please let us know! More

What motivates Print & Copy Factory:

Mission Statement:

To make such an amazing difference with our customer service (inside and out) that it has a powerful, positive effect on our customers and contributes to forwarding their business.


To be better than we know ourselves to be… by constantly raising the bar of count-on-ability, personally and professionally.

  • Skills and Competence
  • Integrity (Completeness)
  • Ambition and Originality
  • Empathy (Understanding by Listening)
  • Courage
  • And most of all TEAM


Copier dudeXerox copies are one of our specialties.

We have the capabilities to produce big copy jobs very quickly. Our commercial-quality, high-speed copy equipment provides high-quality images at a surprisingly low cost!

When you need fast, inexpensive copies of higher quality than you can get on your office copy machines, give us a call. We’re ready to help!

We're just showing off…

… Another beautiful web design

Here is our latest design, a basic web design for B-1 Builders, a local framing company  in Birch Bay, Washington. Their website called for lots of photographs of their building projects to show off their size and skill, and our basic website package was just what was needed to make an impression on potential clients. Check it out!


B1 Builders new website

B-1 Builders is a general contracting company based in Birch Bay, Washington, specializing in large and small scale framing projects for homeowners and builders, with forays into remodeling, additions, decks, speculation building, siding and steel construction.

Call PCF Web Solutions today 360-738-4931 or check out our website www.pcfwebsolutions.com to see what we can do for you and your business!

Marketing Tip #8: Brochures & Rack Cards

06-brochure-artEvery product, service or idea you sell needs a brochure or rack card. Through the years we’ve probably printed several million brochures, and while that doesn’t automatically make us an expert, it sure doesn’t hurt.


Argument for Direct Mail

Results-Driven Marketing in a Down Economy by the U.S. Post Office

We just received a brilliant piece of marketing from the U.S. Post Office. “Results-Driven Marketing in a Down Economy.” It creates a wonderful argument for the use of Direct Mail during the current economic climate. They want to point out that even now, this is a great time for opportunity! More

Database Schmatabase…

What’s the importance of a database? Why do you need to maintain your customer’s contact information and records? I just spent a good portion of the last two days updating our client list, adding websites and email addresses and making sure that we have current contact names and numbers. Importing in new lists from local chambers and tourism bureaus… Was this a waste of time or will it pay off?


Hot off the press!!!

We just finished printing the first batch of Lynn Dralle’s latest Ebay book:mini-cover-web1

Home Run:
The 4th 100 Best Things I’ve Sold on eBay

They have been shipped to the big wigs in New York for BookExpo America, the largest book publishing event in North America. She was one of our very first customers, walking in the door nearly 17 years ago seeking Becky’s printing expertise. This is always exciting for us to be a part of her success and we wish her the best on this latest edition (like she needs it!)…

Check Lynn’s website out at www.thequeenofauctions.com and preorder your book today!