Your Website Is Your Digital Front Door

Why Digital Presence Is So Important

Your website is your digital front door, and when your brand isn’t well represented on your website, you can cause significant confusion among your core audience.
When you work closely with a designer to translate your brand from printed pieces to the web, you’re ensuring that customers and prospects are comfortable with interacting with your brand on any channel. If you are using social media channels to promote your brand, you may want to audit the design look and feel for consistency. Many brand managers find it easiest to define a brand across all channels during a refresh of the look and feel of your digital presence. Everything down to the color that you choose for your logo mark will help tightly define your brand.

That’s why you can trust Print & Copy Factory to help build and manage your website for you!

Is Your Brand “Voice” Speaking Through Your Website?

Is your brand a little smart and sassy, or cool and classy? Slightly high-brow or ready for some fun?
The brand “voice” that you define is essentially the personality for your brand. It’s unlikely that a well-established bank would want to suddenly start using emojis in their brand communication, for instance. Alternatively, a fun and feisty new design firm would want to use different messaging than a financial institution! Your voice should be made up not only of the way you want your brand to appear, but also allow you to communicate effectively with your core audience. Based on demographics, your brand may have a slightly different voice when speaking to various audience segments.

Your website is your digital first impression of how well you communicate to the needs of your customers. If your Brand voice isn’t loud and clear enough, either they won’t notice you or will go somewhere else.

Marketing Collateral

Each piece of marketing collateral that you create — from letterhead to your website to your latest printed sales brochure — should all have a cohesive design that sticks close to your brand guidelines.

That doesn’t mean that everything has to look the same, but when someone looks at a piece of your marketing materials, they should have that “Aha! I recognize this brand!” feeling immediately. In today’s fast-paced digital world, it can be easy to create a new look for your website or emails and forget that your printed materials, such as business cards and letterhead, need to be refreshed to match an updated look.

Finding Your Identity

Each interaction, each step of each process, and each conversation that happens between customers and prospects is yet another piece of your brand identity! You can see why this makes your brand one of the most critical assets in your business.

While all of these pieces work together to create this mystical thing that we call “brand identity,” there are some definite hallmarks that help set the tone.

Need a New Website? Leave it to Us

Hello everyone! My name is Jake. I have 7 years of Graphic Designer experience and am now delighted to be working as a Web Developer here at Print & Copy Factory. I wanted to briefly go over how important it is to have a professional website these days. Whether or not you have a website for your business, it’s always good to keep a few things in mind.

The times are changing for the business industry. We’re entering an age where the technology is at the forefront of every business owner’s mind. For those who aren’t tech-savvy, the idea of the website can be daunting.

“Where to begin with building a website?”
“How much does a professional website cost?”
“Who can I trust to build one for me?”

Here at Print & Copy Factory, we have built many websites for all kinds of businesses, no matter the size of the business or what the needs may be. We also build our websites using a CMS platform where you can be in control adding or removing content in the future which is important in order to update your website with relevant information.

“The three steps to Powerful Marketing 1) Have something good to say. 2) Say it well. 3) Say it often.”
– Jason Gaylord, LocalLoop

Here are four things you should consider when building a new website:

1. Capturing Attention

Did you know that the average attention span is so short, a potential customer will decide whether to continue viewing your website or move on within the first 8 seconds? It doesn’t matter how modern looking a website is, or how many pages it has. Bottom line, if your website doesn’t readily give your audience what they need, they will look to others for a solution. That’s why having a clear call to action of what you can do can quickly convert your audience into customers.

Does your website have what they are looking for?

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

You want your website to be your word of mouth. Keyword Search Support is the practice of organizing your site in a way that Search Engines can quickly and easily understand what your site is, and how relevant it is to what people are searching. The way Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.) crawl websites and make their decisions on who to put first on the searches is constantly evolving and it’s good to stay on top of it. We specialize in helping your business make it to the first page of search listings to stay ahead of the competition!

3. Quick & Responsive

You want your website to be fast and flexible! Today roughly over 50% of those who visit websites are on mobile devices and the percentage has grown every year as technology becomes increasingly better. 40% of people won’t wait beyond 2 seconds if your webpage isn’t loading. When we build your website, we make sure to build it to automatically reformat itself for every device including desktop computers, laptops, tablets as well as smartphones.

So no matter where your customers are coming from, they can easily connect with you.

4. Security

When you embark your adventure on building a website, you want to make sure you’re prepared for the dangers out there. Sadly, stories of websites and social media accounts being hacked are becoming more and more frequent. To be honest, if the technology you’re using is outdated you’re leaving yourself out in the open for anyone to reek havoc online by hijacking your identity. You’ll see “free” offers online. Although most of these offers are well-intentioned, they usually don’t provide the right level of security.

That’s why it’s good to have a team like Print & Copy Factory who can keep your website relevant and fresh.


Don’t have a website yet? Let’s get started!


Already have a website? There’s always room for improvement!


(Alright, here’s another one because you’ve gotten this far.)

5. Branding

It is always a great idea to stay on top of your image, as website design trends can quickly look outdated. Visitors to your site will notice if your branding feels fresh and up-to-date, and it can instill trust in their minds that you bring that same attention to detail to all the other aspects of your business or organization.

If you feel starting fresh with a new logo sounds like a step in the right direction, we have a highly skilled design staff who can take care of that for you!


The power of CMSMS Photo Galleries

What do these three images have in common?


Who Is Print & Copy Factory

Creating A Corporate Video

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to piece together a corporate video for the shop that was going to be aired at a Ferndale Chamber of Commerce meeting. I was quite excited about doing such a project, but I also knew it was going to be a challenge.

I have edited a few small videos before, but nothing of this scale: 3 or 4 minutes long, with several dozen  video clips and still images, background music as well as a full narration throughout the entire video, spoken by your’s truly. Fortunately, just as much as this was a challenge, it was also a wonderful opportunity, for multiple reasons.

Training Video 3-Styling Your Text

The third video in this CMSMS training series focus on styling text using headers, paragraphs and lists. By avoiding the pitfalls of inline, or manual styles, you can create a more consistent and flexible site.

Tips for Choosing a Readable Type

You’ve worked hard to create just the right look for your client’s newsletter. But will your masterpiece also be easy to read? Balancing beauty with readability can be challenging. Here are some areas to keep in mind as you choose a typeface and layout the text on your next project.

X-height. X-height refers to the size of a lowercase x in a given typeface. The larger the x-height, the denser the type will appear on the page, and the less readable it will tend to be.


Training Video 2: Images in Your Website

The second video in this CMSMS training series focus on uploading imagesediting them and inserting theminto your content.

Images play a major aesthetic and functional role in our websites, but they can also create the most headaches. Check out this video to learn some of the tips and tricks to make images work for you.

Getting Started with CMS Made Simple

We are excited to offer the first installment in a series of videos highlighting the power of our new content management system, CMS Made Simple (CMSMS)! With CMSMS you control your website and everything inside of it.

In this video

Get an overview of it’s easy-to-use interface, including updating personal information, viewing your pages,Image Manager and File Manager. Take a look and see just how easy it is to take control of your website with Print & Copy Factory and CMS Made Simple.

Color Talks… Are You Listening?

Next time you want to make a bold statement, try saying it with color!

Depending on what type of message or meaning you wish to convey, the color combinations you choose can support, emphasize, or contradict your message. Color stimulates the senses, symbolizes abstract concepts and thoughts, expresses fantasy or wish fulfillment, and produces an aesthetic or emotional response. More

Design That’s Easy as A-B-C

When most people think of design elements, individual letters aren’t the first things that come to mind. Sure, selecting an appropriate typeface to complement the overall look or feel of a design is essential. But letters themselves (and the words they create) tend to be more the domain of literary artists.


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