The Power of Lists

Lists are more than just an effective way to grab attention. They’re also great at getting key points across quickly and increasing readership. Here are a few tips to help you use lists more effectively in your marketing:

    • Use abbreviated or partial lists on marketing pieces, such as postcards and email campaigns, and encourage readers to visit your website to learn more.
    • Promote your company’s competitive advantages with a “top 10 reasons” list.
    • Popularity sells. Use a list to advertise your biggest selling products, such as “Our Top 5 Most Popular Products from 2012.”
    • Use a list to announce or introduce new products or services.
    • Use a list as an alternative to long paragraphs of text, and enable readers to quickly scan your key points.
    • For greater effectiveness, keep your lists brief, such as “10 Ways to…” or “15 Tips to…”
    • Structure your list logically (largest to smallest, most to least popular, or simply your strongest tips first).
    • If your list includes more than just a few words for each key point, consider using bold sub-headers with brief descriptions behind them.
    • For “top 10” style lists, always number your entries, so readers can easily follow along.
    • Be sure to include a source whenever appropriate, especially if your list contains hard facts or data.

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