Websites and Driving Traffic Toward Them

So, I had a client this morning inquire about getting their website on the top of search results, which is a great question, so I thought I’d try to share some resources and information about it. Websites are seemingly straightforward at a glance but there are countless aspects to each that require a lot of considerations to make when building and utilizing them. I’d like to share some information on a couple of different topics, but the main point of each is to optimize traffic toward your website through Social Media and Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the major factors in how you are ranked in search results is the content of your website. If a website is not updated frequently, its pagerank will be lower, as a more up-to-date website tends to have, well, more up-to-date information. Having consistent content creation for your website gives search engines something new to parse each time they analyze your website for content, increasing your pagerank.

Not only that, but your website will contain a much larger repertoire of content that contains keywords. When a search engine looks at your website content, they’ll note these keywords and relate them to your website. So when someone searches for that keyword at a search engine like Google, you’ll be considered more strongly by the indexing robots because of that article you wrote about weather winterization for a heating or house-siding business, in example.

One caveat to this is that it is an organic process that occurs over time. You can’t expect to write an article and have your website instantly become #1 for all the tangential topics related to your business. This is because your website is indexed periodically by search engine indexing robots,  as it takes time to calculate where you’ll fit into the pageranks with the advent of new content. It is a slow process that will over time develop into a more lucrative return, given consistent effort and management.

Social Media

Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google+ are powerful tools for leveraging your business to customers, but how does one best utilize these networks to drive traffic to your website? You, as the business owner need to entice users to get involved, whether through special deals (facebook just rolled out an updated check-in deals mechanism on their website), offers, providing content, hosting events at your business, etc. But one great way to reach out to customers is through Content Creation.

Content Creation

Creating content for your customers that is relevant, interesting, and engaging is extremely important for using the internet as a business tool. Engaging your customers with articles that help them better use your products or services helps develop a relationship with them that only increases over time. Consistent content creation through the blog also allows you to pop up on Social Media news feeds by sharing the articles on your business page. This not only increases awareness of your business by popping up in a fan’s newsfeed, but also links people back to your website.

Your website’s main purpose may not be to blog, but the driving content will bring your customer to your website, which is the important consideration. If they read the article, that’s great, mission accomplished. They may not need your services at this time, but you’ve enriched their experience, which will increase the relationship between you and that customer. Not only will traffic be brought to your site, increasing chances of people to look at other things on your site, such as your products and services, but you’ll also develop a marketing team out of this customer base that reads your content.

This is the underlying strategy of Social Media Marketing. To entice your customer base through instrinsic value to do marketing for you– by sharing the content you’ve created through deals, articles, etc., but also the more basic sharing: word-of-mouth recommendations.

Some Last Thoughts

All of these tools are at your disposal as a means of increasing your business’ online presence, driving traffic to your website, developing stronger relations with your customers, and increasing your pagerank in search results. The main advantage of these strategies is that they are cost-efficient and sustainable, and all it takes is time and effort(I can hear the groans already!). None of them are a magic bullet that’ll solve all of your pageranking blues, propelling you into sky-high success, but when managed properly and consistent, these avenues of communication can be a powerful utility among your toolset.

By Scott Prindle

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