Designing Your Logo

Marketing Tip #6


Not only do logos convey the personality of a company, but they also offer a memorable impression. Simple designs that incorporate a company’s complex ideas are the root of a logo’s power.

4 Foolproof Ways to Create a Great Company Logo
Have you taken a close look at your company logo lately? Does it look like it came straight out of the 1980s, or have you kept it up-to-date? An outdated logo can make you look stagnant and stale in the minds of prospective customers. To combat this effect, many companies redesign their logos every few years to keep them fresh. If your company is considering a logo update, here are some tips to help:

  1. Choose a logo that looks good large or small. This will allow for more variety in your ads and other printed materials.
  2. Keep it simple. Your logo doesn’t have to look fancy to grab attention. Just look at IBM and Apple. Their logos are simple but memorable.
  3. Limit yourself to two or three colors of ink. Having too many ink colors in your company’s logo will put an unnecessary strain on your printing budget – and might actually look distracting, rather than distinctive. A nice-looking, twocolor logo will give you the professional look you want at a reasonable price.
  4. Use standard ink colors. Custom-mixed inks cost more, and many standard ink colors offer just as unique and professional a look as their more expensive, custom-mixed cousins.

For more great logo ideas, visit our print shop. We can help you develop a
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Understand that your logo is just the beginning.
True, it’s an important beginning, but a beginning never the less. Don’t expect your
logo to single-handedly develop your company’s ‘brand.’ Far from it. It is only by
repeated use of your logo, combined with graphical elements (your marketing
artwork, ads, etc.) as well as the old-fashioned stuff (customer service, etc.) that
will create your ‘brand’ or corporate image. Having said that, your new logo is the
corner stone of these efforts, and it’s pretty important to get it right.

It’s Time to Critique your Company Logo!

  1. Is your logo easy to reproduce?
  2. Is it recognizable when large or small?
  3. Does it reproduce well in black and white?
  4. Are you pleased with the color, font and graphic element of the logo?
  5. Has your logo been updated?
  6. Does it ‘work’ for today’s market?
  7. Does your logo match your business?
  8. Does it represent what you do and what you offer?
  9. Are you satisfied with your logo?
  10. If you could change any aspects of your logo, what would they be?

A logo doesn’t have to convey what your company does.

Think the McDonald’s Golden Arches. No hamburgers. Think the UPS logo. No trucks or planes (though a cool globe). Think the Nike swoosh. No sneakers or golf shirts. While sometimes having a logo that portrays an element of the company is appropriate, it’s often better to have a logo that’s graphically void of detail – a logo that can be adapted to whatever direction the company takes. Think the Apple logo. True, it is an apple. But there’s no indication that it belongs to a computer company. That’s a pretty cool thing – the Apple logo looks just as cool on an iPod as it does on the top of a powerbook.

Your logo is for your audience.
Naturally, you want to like your logo (people are reluctant to use their logo when they no longer ‘like’ it). On the other hand, keep in mind that your logo is to appeal to your customers, and should be created with them in mind. You may be the most conservative person on the planet, but if you’re trying to market to the hip-hop crowd, your sensibilities are probably different than your ‘audience.’ A logo that you ‘like’ probably won’t appeal to them.


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