The power of CMSMS Photo Galleries

What do these three images have in common?

They were all built using a photo gallery.

As our websites get more sophisticated, they start to use more complicated layouts of text and images. Creating these layouts is one thing, but keeping them easy to maintain and edit by our customers is almost impossible. An extra tap of the delete key might delete the entire box. Copy and paste? Results may vary.

One great solution for this dilema is a Gallery Module.

A Gallery Module allows us to combine groups of images, text and links into repeatable patterns. Sometimes those patterns look photo galleries with captions. Sometimes the pattern is a homepage layout with headers, images, descriptions and links. Other times the images might be pre-populated, and just the names and links will change.

Whatever form the Gallery takes, the list of advantages is quite long.

  • Add, delete and rearrange photos
  • Easy to edit with rich text, links and additional images
  • Impossible to completely break. You can always just delete your last entry and start again.
  • Easily add fancy transitions and effects
  • Reuse the same template on different pages with different information

So next time you look at your page design and wonder how you lay everything out easily, and consistently, consider a photo gallery.

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