The Web User Experience

Was it fun, informative, and easy to navigate? Did it provide the service you were expecting from it or did it leave you frustrated? Now let’s look at your business website. Are your customers having a great web user experience?

Every website has a user experience, from good to not so good. The days of flat and static websites are a thing of the past. Today’s face-paced marketplace requires that websites attract potential customers and maintain loyal ones in order to remain competitive. Websites must have the right message, for the right person at the right time, and need to influence visitors into making a desired action – to place an order, post feedback, or leave contact information.

There has been a shift over the past twenty years what consumers look for in making a purchase decision – a response of ‘quality of product’ has shifted to an answer of ‘honesty of product’. A great product can no longer just stand on its own merits. The product must have excellent customer support and company assurances for that product to be successful. Same is true for a company’s online presence. Consumers demand value of product for their purchases. That value translates in receiving product support and assurances in face-to-face interactions, phone call inquiries, and online discussions. These communication experiences shape the perception of your product, your brand and your company.

Social networking is one of today’s hottest marketing trends. Online communities like Facebook, Twitter, Epinions and Yelp tend to be a first stop when considering the purchase of a product or service. We seem to identify with a product based on who else has it. It is important to establish a presence and to monitor comments – positive and negative – in these social network sites.

At Print & Copy Factory, we can provide the tools to help develop a great website user experience. We will help maintain your business branding, provide social media networking options, and develop strategies for repeat visitor traffic through email campaigns and web alerts. We can help you make your website an amazing experience!

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