America, "We the People"

We hope everyone received an American Flag from us, to hang in your window.
I am inspired by the support of the Tea Party, all kinds of people from different opinions, different faiths, share the common voice of Freedom and Liberty. I ask you to stop and think about what it would America be like if we did not have that – RIGHT NOW. If it was taken away, RIGHT NOW. Your jobs, your houses, all that you have worked so hard for. Take this July 4, and celebrate our history, and protect our declaration.

I hope you enjoy the song below as much as I did. The Tea party on July 4, is expecting a good turnout tomorrow, but if you have friends that are not sure if they will be attending, invite them again. WE THE PEOPLE are going to make a difference.
If any of you have friends, parents, grandparents living in assisted living facilities, call the management and suggest they fill a van with seniors that want to come and drive up and down the Guide.

See you at 11 a.m. tomorrow…ToysRUs/GoodGuys/TraderJoe’s parking lot.

I have been very inspired by the courage of everyone in the movement to stand up for America. Firm, bold, aggressive, and peaceful dissent has always been the hallmark of this country.

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  1. Yvonne
    Jul 08, 2009 @ 15:21:24

    It was so exciting to celebrate the 4th of July in a new way – driving our sporty little convertible up and down the Guide Meridian in Bellingham – honking and letting all the people that showed up for the TEA Party that we were inspired by their actions. There were brand new babies up to a gentleman who was 99 years young. He was so proud that his grandson brought him to the TEA Party. What is the TEA Party? It stands for “Taxed Enough Already” and people showed up to support this theme and let it be known they did not like the US Taxpayer bailing out all of the companies. It was a wonderful way to celebrate and be grateful that our Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights allows us to gather and voice our common concerns to our Federal leadership from the President of the USA to the elected congressional delegate – both in the Senate and House of Representatives. God Bless America, Yvonne


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