Why should you blog, tweet, or facebook?

socialmedia-signI am in the process of car shopping. There are thousands of car companies vying for my attention right now. Millions of dollars are spent on advertising each year, yet what has been the most effective tool in convincing me to give a company a second look? Price? Features? Rebates? Specials? Nope….A salesman’s twitter account!

Blogging, twittering and other social networking tools seem to be the current rage across all areas of social, and business life. But is this just another “Dot Com” bubble waiting to burst? Or, as this à propos blog will argue, does social networking have what it takes to truly change the way that we communicate, connect and seek out information.

Benefits of Social Media

  • Encouraging trust
    • My greatest fear in buying a car is sleazy car salesmen! I hate to admit it, but it’s true. Any time I talk to a car salesman I am wondering if they are laughing on the inside about the pile of money they expect to make off of me. This is clearly an example of my lack of trust! So when I received an email from a car salesman that included a link to his twitter account, I couldn’t help but look. Instead of tweets about his 3 new BMW’s, and the old lady he just swindled, I saw that he had a busy weekend of touch football and BBQs, and that he was sick and tired of washing cars, but glad that he helped raise money for a local high school football team. Simply put, my fear turned to trust. And the entire rest of my relationship with that company has changed.
  • Build a Community
    • We at Print & Copy are utterly flattered by all the people who consider themselves our Facebook Fans. Often times we do our work and forget that we are creating amazing stories with every job that we do. We print books to help raise money for cancer research, we create invitations to a bride and groom’s most memorable day, we create beautiful websites that a business can be proud of, and that attracts new customers. Now, through social networking, we are able to share these stories with all of our friends and fans, and give them an opportunity to voice their opinion and give their support.
  • Become an Expert
    • All of us at Print & Copy love what we do! We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t. I personally enjoy working with new designers, and empathize with the fact that they can be constantly overwhelmed by the sheer number of things they have to learn about this industry. In providing them with advice and tips I know that they can become better at what they do best, designing for print. In turn we benefit from working with skilled designers who know exactly how to design a project to achieve the best looking prints. We offer out this advice over the phone and at the front counter, but also through this blog with stories about Photoshop, Designing Business Cards and Database Management. We hope to be thought of by our peers as experts at everything we do.

Social Networking has been a powerful tool for promoting our business, driving traffic to our website, building community, establishing ourselves as experts and building trust. If these are the things you are seeking for your business, contact us now to discuss the ways we can leverage these social media tools for you.

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  1. Yvonne
    Jun 18, 2009 @ 11:41:01

    Micah, your comments on needing a secure relationship with the sales rep is correct. I really liked the fact you took time to investigate and consider the quality of service and expertise you wanted in this major purchase. Great article. Yvonne


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