Marketing Tip #5: Low-Budget Printing Tips

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With all of our purse strings tied right now, any printing project you pursue could probably be all your business can afford, perhaps for months or even years. At Print & Copy Factory we understand it has to be done right, or there may never be a second chance. That is why we are your Marketing Resource Center!

You don’t have to be an expert in the print industry to save money on your printing projects. Find us on Facebook for even more money saving techniques. A little research on the front end can guarantees big savings. Or feel free to call and ask us!  Any printer worth his weight in copy paper will take the time to understand your needs and help you navigate the process of each job, no matter how small. Whether you take on the entire project yourself or work with Print & Copy Factory’s in house design staff, don’t worry, you will find that it is possible to do a lot with a little.

  • Rely on a strong design in one or two colors, with ordinary offset printing or stick with high-quality black and white copies.
  • Be flexible about paper stock. Paper companies are rapidly changing their inventory right now and have plenty of discontinued stocks that would work great for your project, saving you money.
  • Plan ahead. Time is money. Don’t call in a panic because you’re down to your last ten envelopes. Inventory the office products on a monthly basis and reorder as needed. Likewise, Christmas will come in December again this year. Start planning your direct mail piece in October so it will be ready to print in November.
  • Use standard ink colors, and as few as possible. When designing or updating a company logo, color should be a major consideration as it will affect your printing budget for years to come.
  • Chances are, your business name isn’t going to change any time soon. So go ahead and order 5,000 business cards or other frequently used materials at a much cheaper price break.
  • Go digital. We have digital copiers that print on heavy card stock and even glossy finishes as proficiently as a full-color press. This is particularly useful for small quantities involving color. And usually, only a print professional can tell the difference.

The Benefits of Adding Value to your Printed Materials

honeydoConsider the product you wish to print, such as notepads, business cards and menus. For an example, instead of a simple notepad, a beauty salon could spice it up as a “honey-do” list. Given to a client, they can have fun with it and use it as a practical marketing piece. At Print & Copy Factory, we believe that tight budgets shouldn’t stand in your way of having marketing materials you are proud of. Contact us and we will help you figure out how to add value to your printed pieces and start seeing results.

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