The Importance of Proofreading!

Image for storyHow often do you read an article with misspelled words or incorrect grammar?

Do you dismiss the errors and keep on reading, or do you pause and lose your focus?

Misspellings can instantly discount your company’s message and image.

It is important to be accurate and thorough when proofing your marketing materials. Your business cards, brochures and website speak volumes as to who you are and what you represent. Having your marketing materials mistake-free is the first step in creating a positive impression to your clients.

Remember – Proofreading is YOUR responsibility. During the proofreading process, it is imperative to review all content and elements very carefully. Make the time to check names, phone numbers, email and website addresses, and content to your marketing materials. If Print & Copy Factory detects any proofing errors, we will quickly contact you to discuss and make any necessary edits. At Print & Copy Factory, we help make your printing orders a success.

Below are some general proofreading tips:

  • Read it out loud and also silently.
  • Read it backwards to focus on the spelling of words.
  • Read it upside down to focus on typology.
  • Use a spell checker and grammar checker as a first screening, but don’t depend on them.
  • Have others read it.
  • Point with your finger to read one word at a time.
  • Don’t proof for every type of mistake at once—do one proof for spelling, another for missing/additional spaces, consistency of word usage, font sizes, etc.
  • Print it out and read it.
  • Read down columns in a table, even if you’re supposed to read across the table to use the information. Columns may be easier to deal with than rows.
  • Give a copy of the document to another person and keep a copy yourself. Take turns reading it out loud to each other. While one of you reads, the other one follows along to catch any errors and awkward-sounding phrases. This method also works well when proofing numbers and codes.
  • First, proof the body of the text. Then go back and proof the headings. Headings are prone to error because copy editors often don’t focus on them.
  • Double check fonts that are unusual (italic, bold, or otherwise different).
  • Carefully read type in very tiny font.
  • Be careful that your eyes don’t skip from one error to the next obvious error, missing subtle errors in between.
  • Double check proper names.
  • Double check little words: “or,” “of,” “it,” and “is” are often interchanged.

If you have some proofreading tips that you would like to share, leave a comment to this blog entry! Thank you.

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  1. Sam Andrews
    Apr 13, 2023 @ 21:09:15

    Wow, I love the way you shared how beneficial spell checkers are in helping us detect any kind of error with our documents. Anyway, my colleagues and I have a number of proposals to complete this weekend. Maybe we should hire a proofreader to check on our work.


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