Print directly to our website with Adobe® PDF JobReady™


Tired of font problems, missing graphics, 
and endless proofing back and forth?

Adobe® PDF JobReady™ is a FREE software download at 
www.printcopyfactory.com that will make your print job much easier.

This software will allow you to create and send Print-Ready PDFs straight 
from your computer to our website.

Easy to install. Easy to use.

From any application, your files come together to create a print-ready PDF!

We know what you want. You want a simple way to send your digital files to Print & Copy Factory without worrying about your fonts, graphics, and layout being left behind. You want to send us files from the application you created them in, and you want the files to be printed exactly how they look on your screen. We know all of this, and we have done something about it.

Adobe PDF JobReady is a free download for Windows and Mac OS X that enables you to digitally send your files to us, proof them on-line, and submit the order to our website. Install Adobe PDF JobReady on your computer, and you can print your files directly to our website from any application. Your print job will be transformed into an industry standard PDF file and will be available for immediate proofing … it’s “what you see is what you get” printing!


You’ll have the opportunity to proof your job on your computer. Once the proof looks good to you simply click “Accept” to submit the job to our website. It then becomes a job in our website’s Online Print Center. It’s that easy. Your print job is converted to an industry standard PDF file, compressed for easy online transfer, and everything we need is embedded in the job (including fonts and graphics).

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