FOCUS = Functional Organized Clutter-free Useable Space

Last Friday, June 12th, I learned the following acronym “FOCUS”, from one of the attendees during the networking time at the Bellingham Whatcom Chamber of Commerce Network Breakfast.  By the way this event is the second Friday of each month at the Northwood Hall and begins at 7:30 am.  The staff really try hard to get us all out the door by 9 am.

Kathleen Israel is the owner of “Let Go”, a business in which she advises clients how to take charge of their clutter and bring serenity back into their space by using “FOCUS”.

Here are the 12 Steps to “FOCUS”:

  1. Recognize how clutter comes into your life and how you are affected by it.
  2. Begin a new way of thinking about your space.
  3. Create routines and stick to them.
  4. Set an example.
  5. Be disciplined.
  6. Stay focused.
  7. Have commitment.
  8. Have cooperation-get everyone involved.
  9. Keep it simple.
  10. Handle one space at a time and one thing at a time.
  11. Initiate positive reinforcement.
  12. Do routine purging.

I am a prime example of “I might need this again in the future!” or “I know I can get back into that size again!” Yeah, right.  As I am learning organization skills from www.Smead.com to make my office work flow easier and better for me – I am also learning to “Let Go”.

I finally took over 50 outfits to “Wear on Earth”, the consignment store at 504 Front Street in Lynden which recently had it’s Grand Opening. Elva was very excited to get these “Plus Lady” sized outfits for her inventory. IF the outfits do not sell in 60 days they will go on the sales rack for 30 days and then she has my permission to give them to charity.

I cannot tell you how invigorating it was to be able to walk into a clean dressing area. Also the pleasure I feel knowing someone else will be able to have that outfit that just hung around in my closet.

Do you want to take charge of your clutter?  Call Kathleen Israel at 360 733 3314 or email her at kathleendisrael@yahoo.com.

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