We Call These Flag Signs

you know, those flags on a stick on the side of the road that wave at you. they really are great for driving traffic to your location.

Call them Feather Signs, Sail Signs, Flag Signs, Wind Signs, Razor Signs, Sabre Signs, or whatever makes sense to you! These are printed in full color and can be one or two sided. You can also replace the banner part and keep the hardware. We can custom design them just for you! These can be used indoors or outdoors, and they are dramatic, as they are flags, flapping in the wind to call your attention. Call for pricing, you would be surprised that they are more economical than you think. Give us about a week from art approval.

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These flag - banners can be as big as 17 feet tall


Here are some hardware options:

Scissors stand
Carring Case


You had printed flyers for my company once, and the when it came time to get some more done up real quick one day, a coworker took the project to another shop across town. When we got them back and held them side-by-side I could not believe how much better yours looked! When it came time to print my wedding invitations, I couldn't imagine going anywhere else. Thank you for making my wedding pieces come together so beautifully, and for being such a great place to do business!

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