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Business Card
Pre-Printed Masters or Shells

Get the volume pricinG!

For many businesses, having us run masters makes since. What masters are, is the more complicated part of the card, such as the multiple color logo, backgrounds and other elements that don't change from individual cards, are pre-printed.  Ask us today if this is a great solution for you.

This is great for many reasons:
  1. Set-up is done once for the multiple colors
  2. All of the color and branding is consistant
  3. The cost savings for large print run is huge, paying for the one print run up front, and then just the cost of the imprints on a per need basis.
  4. We can turn cards faster if just black imprinting is all that is done onto the masters for individual printing.
  5. Works great for companys that order many business cards for many different employees over a long period of time.


Print & Copy went above and beyond for us, surpassing all expectations. They were quick and thorough with our business package that included a website, graphic design, printing supplies, and business cards. Everything is incredible and stands out amongst our competition. The staff is fun to work with and takes great pride in their work. This is a first class business that delivers on excellent customer service.

-Michael Ebert
Director of Operations, Locker & Ebert Insurance, LLC

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