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Design Ideas and Tips

for professional looking business cards.

  • Consider using your photo on your cards - "Relationship Marketing 101"
    Make sure the photo is professional and reproducible. Photography studios usually have special rates for these photos. It is an excellent idea to have an UPDATED photo at all times, so that you can use the same photo for press releases, websites, and your email signature.
  • Consider that employees are your number one sales person, do they all have cards?
  • Social media buttons/links  ie: facebook.com/printcopyfactory
  • Motto, mission statement, philosophy, tag line or guarantee
  • Don't forget the backside!
  • State your "Unique Marketing Message"
  • List the benefits of working with your company
  • Make a special offer, such as "free consultation"
  • Make it a keeper, such as a calendar or punch card, appointment card

What to put on your cards:

  • Business name - make sure it is recognizable
  • Logo and card branded with corporate colors and theme
  • Your name, title and credentials
  • Your office phone, cell phone, message phone and/or fax number
  • Business or mailing address
  • Email - is it consist with your domain name?
  • Website - What? You don't have a website? We can get one going for you and it is more affordable than you think!

The lowly business card is one of the most important tools in your marketing arsenal.

And it is certainly one of the cheapest. Yet it is seldom given the respect it deserves. Business cards represent credibility, legitimacy and professionalism. Whenever you give one away, you are sending a message to that prospect about you and your business. Cards serve as a constant reminder of your company long after the initial business contact has dissolved into the haze of memory.

Choosing the Right Color, Photos & Graphics
Business cards may be small, but their impact is huge. So when choosing a design of a card, don’t be cheap. A business card plays an important part in making a lasting impression. Spending time and money to invest in business cards makes sense. Cards should be carefully planned as any other form of advertising or they will not be effective.

Feature your company name prominently, with your name and title smaller. Using your company logo is important, because it will help people associate your name with the product you are selling.

What is the primary function of a business card? It is an invitation for someone to contact you with the eventual result of being a sale. Doesn't it make sense then, to make it as easy as possible for the person to contact you? Don’t take up too much space listing all the ways you can be contacted. It’s best to list your phone, fax and e-mail address. Personal cell phone numbers should be given to the client verbally, when necessary.

Avoid using unprofessional e-mail addresses such as: [email protected]..With today’s technology, it is easy to get a website domain name and peel an e-mail address off that. Such as: [email protected] The mere fact that you are easily accessible, makes it easy to make the contact the first time.

Full-color printing can add a dramatic impact to the look of your business card. If your budget doesn't support full color, there are a lot of creative possibilities using two colors of ink combined with a third color of paper.

It’s worth the time! Business cards are one of the most important tools for business today. The time and effort you spend creating and printing excellent business cards will pay future dividends.


I wanted to thank you, Krystal, Phil and your whole team for your support of our marketing material. The trade show in Vegas was a huge success and the banners and sell sheets worked exceptionally well.We were under a tight deadline and we were working with minimal infrastructure. Your team took the challenge, listened and came up with solutions that exceeded my expectations. As a consultant referring business, my success hinges on you. Thanks for all you did!

-Tom Dorr


A business card says:
“I am important, 
I want you to
know about me,
I have invested
interest in doing
business with you...”

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