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Self Publishing Portfolio

of our Customer's Projects

We know that getting started with writing a book can be daunting and difficult to know how to get started. Putting your trust with a printer that you have put your heart & soul into writing this special book. We thought it would be a way to put your confidence in us to show off some of our favorites projects that we have worked on over the years!

Reflections from a Heart of a Small Community

reflections from a heart of a small community

Reflections From a Heart of A Small Community

by a Committee of authors; Laura Jacoby, Cindy Brown, Gayle Landreth, Dawn Buckenmeyer, Danna Beech-Haddock, and Designed by Becky Raney, All residents of Maple Falls, Washington. The book was inspired to be a collection of photos as a Maple Falls Grade School 100 year annual, and ended up being this amazing book of over 800 images and history of all of the grade schools in the local area.

This book is inducted into the National Archives, Library of Congress 200 Birthday Celebration, on May 23, 2000. See listing.

This book is a hard cover and soft cover, 210 pages and can be purchased by emailing one of the authors.  Contact us for that information (360) 738-4931.

Lynn Dralle, The Queen of Auctions

Author Lynn Dralle, The Queen of Auctions
We have published a large variety of books with Lynn:

The Book of Beanie Babies - a collectors binder

100 Best Things I've Sold on eBay - Vol 1

Money Making Madne$$; 100 Best Things I've Sold on eBay - Vol 2

Ka-Ching!; 100 Best Things I've Sold on eBay - Vol 3

Home Run; 100 Best Things I've Sold on eBay - Vol 4

I Buy & I Sell eBay Binders and Inserts

Purchase online www.thequeenofauctions.com

Looking Back, The History of Bellingham

Looking Back - The Collectors' Edition
Hard Cover Book

This book is a collection of Looking Back Vol 1, Vol 2, and Vol 3 of writings from Galen Biery and Dorothy Koert. And updated by Galen Biery's children and  Grandchildren; Laura Jacoby, Pat Nason, Leslie Call, Greg & Kristi Nason, and Tricia Ochoa. They took the old images and accented them with "Now" photos of Bellingham and Whatcom County. The book is an absolute delight and perfect gift for any home in Bellingham and beyond. This book contains over 400 pages packed with photos and stories about our local area.

Purchase online

"Print & Copy Factory did an amazing job printing this book for us!! We are so grateful you were part of our publishing team. After all the effort that went into this project, it only made sense to go with the local printer dedicated to quality and attention to detail."

- Kristi Nason, designer www.momentsbykristi.com

The Loan Jack Mine

The Lone Jack
King of the Mount Baker Mining District

By Michael G. Impero

In 1897, Jack Post discovered gold on the side of Bear Mountain in the area of Whatcom County east of Mt. Shuksan thus creating the start of the Mt. Baker Gold Rush. This rush was small in size compared to the Klondike Gold Rush, but had all the elements of the others with riches, hardships, fires, disappointments, avalanches, and a murder.

THE LONE JACK is the story of man’s struggle to settle a true wilderness.

This book contains information from newspaper articles, assay reports, court records, claim files, sales records, maps, personal papers, and many other sources. This story contains many old historical photos and others of current times.

Inside a pocket of the back page are removable/detailed maps of the Lone Jack and the surrounding area. www.lonejackmine.com

Robet Pace Website RLPace.com


By Robert L. Pace

Robert is a local author working on a trilogy - Rising Son. We designed his website and Robert has attended our Facebook Social Media Class to better understand the importance of social networking.

Rising Son is a trilogy of novels tracing the lives of three fictional families through a thoroughly real century of turmoil, passion and war beginning in the mid 19th century. Japanese society is just emerging from twenty centuries of isolation and striding into the modern era.  Each family story wends through the generations as the tides of history sweep them into a collision of cultures, war and fear.

Wrongfully Accussed e-book

Wrongfully accused

By Bob Ford

Wrongfully Accused, the chronicle of Bob Ford’s life from sin to the saving grace of God, to his call as a modern-day apostle with over-the-top miracles along the way.

Bob’s story begins with the details of his early years in a low-income dysfunctional family with an abusive father. He was sentenced to jail and experienced what it meant to be in a holding cell, a jail, and a minimum security prison. The story chronicles his physical and emotional battles and challenges and his cry to God, a God he wasn’t sure existed. God heard and answer Bob’s prayer. He was saved from a second prison term, and his life changed in a way he never dreamed possible.

The book has 230 pages and has been coverted to various eBook formats. The screenshot to the left is the ePub version viewed with Adobe Digital Editions.

Purchase online

Becky, you and your team are valued members of the chamber. It was a pleasure to present Print & Copy Factory with the Member of the Week award! You and Larry are doing a fantastic job!

-Marvin Riggs
Bellingham/Whatcom County Chamber of Commerce

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