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Getting your ISBN + Barcode

For wholesaling and distribution
of your book

It is necessary to acquire a personalized ISBN number for reselling your book to wholesalers and distributors. The assignment of unique ISBN numbers created into a bar code format for each book title. The bar code is broken up into 4 parts, giving the reseller the important information to track, inventory, find out the publisher identifier, for re-orders. If you are serious about selling your books, this step is required for retailers.

We can secure a ISBN number for you, however, our recommendation is for you to have full control of the rights to your number. Be careful not to order from a reseller of ISBN numbers, because you want to be sure that when the bar code is scanned that you come up as the owner, not the reseller of the barcode.  ISBN/Barcodes come in one or many, so researching this for what is best for you is important. There are a lot of online companies who are not totally straight about what you are purchasing.

Click here to order your own ISBN number.


ISBN Sample

I wanted to thank you, Krystal, Phil and your whole team for your support of our marketing material. The trade show in Vegas was a huge success and the banners and sell sheets worked exceptionally well.We were under a tight deadline and we were working with minimal infrastructure. Your team took the challenge, listened and came up with solutions that exceeded my expectations. As a consultant referring business, my success hinges on you. Thanks for all you did!

-Tom Dorr

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