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Of course you want the best bag for your buck when it comes to direct mail. At Print & Copy Factory, we regularly get phone calls asking if we can find "good" direct mail lists. The fact is, we only deal with the most respected list provider in the industry. As important as the list source is, the criteria used to select the list are equally important, you can't just by an in-expensive list to save money, because the quality of the list may be poor and you will be spending more money on postage mailing to inadequate names. Also, for best results, there is recommended list offerings that you may not have thought of. Many businesses make selections based upon an 'intuitive knowledge' of their customer — and then wonder why the program didn't perform up to expectations.

If you have worked out your selection criteria and are confident that it's appropriate for your needs or whether you’d like additional assistance, Print & Copy Factory is happy to get you a list of the highest quality and establish goals to increase your Return on Investment.

  • Direct mail lists are usually rented on a per use basis, or
  • Lists can be purchased outright which makes economic sense if more than five mailings sent out.
  • Good lists typically have a higher cost, because of the scrubbing of data. Lists that are cheapier in price you will find that you are spending money on a large quantity of bad data.

Page Note: From graphic design to message strategy, print quality and list – each of those elements of your direct mail strategy is extremely important to your success. Veteran copywriter Bob Bly said a mailing list was more than a path to your audience ... the list is your audience. Without a proper mailing list, all of your creative efforts will be in vain. But never fear, because we've assembled a wealth of mailing list advice for you!


Build a great in-house mailing list.

First and foremost, your customer list is your business. The better you keep this list, the more detailed information, the more valuable it is. With all of the wonderful technology such as Variable Data Printing,

A script can be setup to generate automatic personalized mailings to your key target audience. So, start with your in house list first. And always be diligent to keep the list impeccable.

Mailing List provider…

We at Print & Copy Factory work with a reputable, quality list provider that provides lists that are clean and not purchased and resold. Yes, you can buy lists out there, from many companies, but if you are not sure the integrity of the list, you will be saving money on the list, but wasting money on postage by using a list with bad names and addresses.

What to know before you buy.

We think it is extremely important in today’s economy, to not “flood” market by mailing to masses. It is much better to Key in to your top 10 customers, and see what the demographics and other characteristics that they share, and purchase a list that mirrors that. After all, you are trying to create quality customers so you don’t have to waste time and money (remember the 80-20 rule!).


Print & Copy went above and beyond for us, surpassing all expectations. They were quick and thorough with our business package that included a website, graphic design, printing supplies, and business cards. Everything is incredible and stands out amongst our competition. The staff is fun to work with and takes great pride in their work. This is a first class business that delivers on excellent customer service.

-Michael Ebert
Director of Operations, Locker & Ebert Insurance, LLC

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