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Courtesy Reply Mail (CRM)

Postcards and envelopes that are Courtesy Reply Mail (CRM) preaddressed will help your customers quickly reply to you and provide a more accurate return delivery. The purpose of Courtesy Reply Mail (CRM) is to move the reply mail piece through the US Post Office's high-speed automation equipment. This ensures that you receive the CRM reply piece from the customer as soon as possible. Your customer will be worry-free knowing their is going to the right place because the postcard or envelope has already been preaddressed! All CRM pieces are required to have Intelligent Mail barcodes. We can obtain all the necessary postage artwork for you and prepare it for printing your CRM piece.

U.S. Postal Service market research shows that providing barcoded envelopes makes good business sense:

  • Barcoded reply envelopes can be processed and delivered faster by the Post Office.
  • Customers save the time required to find an envelope, look up an address, and then write or type the address.
  • Customers with correctly addressed return envelopes do not make addressing errors that can delay your returns.
  • Customers and donors return payments and pledges significantly faster when supplied with a return envelope.
  • Providers of return envelopes get remittance faster for optimum cash flow.
  • Customers who are “thanked” by the back copy on the envelope flap are more likely to repeat the performance of mailing remittances or donations.
  • Automated processing of properly prepared barcoded reply mail provides accurate sorting and eliminates mail delay.
  • Customers have positive attitudes about creditors, marketers, and fundraisers who show thoughtfulness in providing reply envelopes.
  • Providers of reply mail envelopes get orders faster, reducing inventories and their investment in them.
  • Providers of reply envelopes receive and fulfill orders sooner, which improves customer relations.
  • Providers using barcoded reply envelopes see faster initial response, giving them an earlier projection of future activity.

Hi Krystal, I told my boss how patient you and everyone else was last week with all the errors that came up after trying to transfer our archaic version to a more updated one. The bottom line is... Print & Copy Factory should also include “Great Customer Service” on their business cards... but I guess “We Make A Difference” says it all. Tried and true.

-Shirley-Mary Songhurst
Skagit 911

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